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IG 2020 Cantorellian 23rd Custom dataslates

Cantorellian 23rd IG2020 Iron Gauntlet 2020 Daimyo-Phaeron Lenoch

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Daimyo-Phaeron Lenoch

Daimyo-Phaeron Lenoch


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Ok, running on fumes and with no formatting whatsoever, but I finally got commissar Muran finished last night and the slates written up. Let's get started, shall we?





Power: 6
Colonel Zevan Zenara: 70 points
no:  Name              M WS BS S T W A Ld Sv
1     Col. Zenara    6"  3+ 3+ 3 3  4  4  9  4+
weapon:                 range  type             S   AP   D
plasma pistol          12"     Pistol 1         7    -3    1
(overcharged)       12"     Pistol 1         8    -3    2. an unmofified hitroll of 1 with this profile destroys the bearer after shooting this weapon.
power sword            -       melee           U  
frag grenade           6"     grenade d6  3 

No wargear options

Voice of Command
Hatred (Orks): may reroll all hit rolls against Orks
Refractor Field
Senior Officer
Regimental Commander: This Model must be your Warlord, unless an <Imperium> <Supreme Commander> is in your army. This model grants a single Command Point if your army is Battleforged
Mechanized Commander: This Model can issue orders while embarked in a <Cantorellian 23rd> or <Cantorellian SEAL Team> dedicated Transport (measuring ranges from any point on the vehicle) and is treated as being within 3" of a Vox-Caster. when doing so, these orders can only be issued to friendly <Cantorellian 23rd> or <Cantorellian SEAL Team> units.
Warlord Trait: Old Grudges

A consummate commander, and a lifelong mecnanized infantry officer, the Colonel was recently wounded in action prior to the attachment of my company to his regiment for the upcoming campaign. His current augmetic is of fairly high quality, and has not much diminished his reputed swordsmanship skills--which are only fair-to-middling by my own standards, but against his own men and other mortals, he seems to do fairly well. His strategies are also decently competent, or at least not glaringly incompetent. I trust his command instincts, and while a part of me chafes at submitting to an authority other than my Shogun, the more rational part of me makes it clear to me that he is capable of overseeing strategic command of our operations.





Commissar Nykkole Muran: 5 power, 60 points

No     Name                         M  WS  BS  S  T  W  A  Ld  Sv
1       Commissar Muran    6"  2+   3+  3  3  4   3  9     4+
Plasma pistol (see Codex: Astra Militarum)
power lance:  S+1, AP-3, 1 Damage. This weapon has D3+1 damage if the user charged or was charged this turn

Abilities: Aura of Discipline, Refractor Field, Summary Execution (see Codex: Astra Militarum)
Bionic eye: this model may reroll a single failed hit roll of one per phase.

As I have previously noted in other dataslates, the senior commissar is not overly...anything to anyone in the regiment, except perhaps somewhat harsh. She maintains good discipline of herself and her troops, practices martial exercises as laid out in Imperial handbooks, and keeps mostly to herself. In my few interactions with her--mainly disciplinary in nature, dealing with minor pranks and inconveniences caused by her men--she has been curt, but there is something behind the facade of duty, which I am unable to discern. Perhaps her aide, Lieutenant Cythos, would be willing to discuss it with me or a Scout operative.

But then perhaps not. And I have little reason to pry.




Techpriest Dak-323/mk12:
power: 3
points: 45
No       Name                  M  WS  BS  S  T  W   A  Ld  Sv
1          Enginseer Dak-323/mk12              6  3+    4+    4  4   4   3   8    3+

laspistol, omnissiahan axe, servo-arm (see Codex: astra militarum)

abilities: bionics, Master of Machines (see codex astra militarum)
Sentinel Caretaker: when performing the Master of Machines ability, if the Target is a <Cantorellian 23rd> Sentinel, then you may treat a roll of 1 or 2 on the D6 as a 3 (so the model would regain 2 wounds).

One of the more field-deployable enginseers the regiment employs. I am given to understand that Dak-323/mk12 (hereafter referred to as Dak-323, or they, by their own request) is one of the few remaining enginseers from the Dolrunus regiment. While they are a capable techpriest, I find that their most pleasing quality is their obesience to those they percieves to be above them in the pecking order. After three and a half centuries of being snubbed by all but a scant few Mechanicus personnel, I find an irrational pleasure in having one show me and my company the respect we deserve. Dak-323 has already, on my orders, effected repairs on thirteen percent of our current armoury, blessed and improved seventy four percent of our armours and weapons, and ensured of their own volition that a portion of fuel and ammunition reserves be transferred in excess of required Astartes-Mechanicus treaty. Of all the Cantorellian troopers and personnel, I think that I find them my favorite (aside from Pvt. Mellenkamp, who is growing on me like some kind of fungus).

Edited by Daimyo-Phaeron Lenoch, 17 December 2020 - 08:36 PM.

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Bjorn Firewalker

Bjorn Firewalker


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Speaking as someone who's written his own dataslates, I think the formatting should be changed from

No Name M WS BS S T W A Ld Sv
1 Enginseer Dak-323/mk12 6 3+ 4+ 4 4 4 3 8 3+


No: 1
Name: Enginseer Dak-323/mk12
M 6, WS 3+, BS 4+, S 4, T 4, W 4, A 3, Ld 8, Sv 3+

This is easier to read as a *.txt document. You should also add blank lines between paragraphs (remember, the tabs used to differentiate them will be automatically deleted when a *.txt or *.doc file is converted into an *.HTML file), and maybe bold the units' names, the word wargear, and the names of their Special Rules, so your efforts won't blur into a "wall of text" that others will be unmotivated to read, due to difficulties do distinguishing one section from the other.
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