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Legio Scouts

Legio B&C Legio Bolter & Chainsword

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Brother Tyler

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Scouts in the Legio Bolter & Chainsword

Lacking the normal recruitment process of Codex Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes, the Legio instead uses fully trained battle-brothers in the role normally performed by scouts. In addition, it's not unknown for veterans of the Legio to replace their power armour or tactical dreadnought armour in order to perform scout missions. These warriors will bring their enhanced training and experience to bear when performing missions normally trained by neophyte scouts. These warriors will be equipped as normal for scouts, though veterans may continue to use special issue ammunition. Once their scout missions are complete, these warriors will return to their normal battlefield roles and equipment.

Legio Scouts typically wear black armour and white chest decoration with dark clothing and durable leather boots, pouches, and gloves. Each scout will bear his parent Chapter's livery upon his right pauldron and the badge of the Legio upon his left pauldron. Where the badge of the Legio is typically upon a red field when wearing power armour or tactical dreadnought armour, Legio scouts often depict the badge upon a black field. If the mission calls for stealth, the chest decoration will be subdued to match the chestplate, with both colored to match the environment in which the scout will be operating. In addition, both shoulder pads may be black with the badges subdued to a dark grey. In these instances, the clothing might be replaced with camouflage fatigues suitable to the environment. Similarly, while Legio weapons casings are typically red, Legio scouts dispatched on missions requiring stealth will recolor their weapons to match the environment.

At right is a pict-capture of Brother-Sergeant Akmeniel of Justice of the Emperor Great Company under Brother Captain O'rchd'ng during Operation Manala. Seconded from the Avenging Sons Chapter, Brother-Sergeant Akmeniel led his squad in reconaissance missions throughout Hive Moor, first attempting to locate Inquisitor Romerus and later seeking the masters behind the Plague of Undeath that had corrupted the citizens of Demaras Tertius. Operating against plague zombies, Squad Akmeniel opted to omit camouflage, retaining their white chest decorations and red weapons casings. Squad Akemeniel was pivotal in the operation's overall success, first locating the surviving members of the inquisitor's retinue and later pinpointing the heretics behind the corruption. Squad Akemeniel reverted to their normal battlefield role as a Tactical squad for the final stages of the operation.

Other members of Squad Akemeniel included:
  • Brother Kormos (seconded from the Crimson Castellans Chapter)
  • Brother Yshakari (seconded from the Knights of Gryphonne Chspter)
  • Brother Thenus (seconded from the Doom Warriors Chapter)
  • Brother Chien (seconded from the Death Knights Chapter)
  • Brother Murnach (seconded from the Emperor's Spears Chapter)
  • Brother Uriartez (seconded from the Hawk Lords Chapter)
  • Brother Sarkar (seconded from the Tauran Chapter)
  • Brother Tuominen (seconded from the Silver Eagles Chapter)
  • Brother Burak (seconded from the White Panthers Chapter)


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