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Ragnar's Heir -- The Double Claw TWC Lord

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We all know how good Ragnar was with the old "Touch of the Wild" Strat (i.e. averaging 15+ x S6 AP-4 Dmg2 hits a turn, with WS2+ and native reroll 1s to Hit before the "Core" limitations), and he certainly is a very competitive option still, but I'd like to propose a new "Uber Woodchipper Lord" that might even surpass the damage output of the old, pre-Codex Ragnar ---

<Space Wolf Successor Chapter with Hungry for Battle and Whirlwind of Rage traits>

Wolf Lord on TWC with:
-Upgraded to Chapter Master
-Saga of the Wolfkin and Imperium's Sword WL Traits
-Dual Lightning Claws with Frost Weapon Relic

So, with Assault Doctrine on, this Wolf Lord has between 8-10 x S6 AP-3 Dmg2 Lightning Claw attacks, plus another 3 x S6 AP-3 Dmg1 attacks from his Thunderwolf.

More importantly, between the Chapter Tactics and the SW super Doctrine, every unmodified to hit roll of 6 gives him 3 hits. Combined with the ability to give himself full rerolls (as a Chapter Master), he averages out to around 14-15 Lightning Claw hits and 4-5 Thunderwolf Mount hits.

Add in the "baseline" S6, rerolls to Wound from the Lightning Claws, +1 to Wound from Savage Strike, and AP-3 in Assault Doctrine and he can, with normal rolling, kill an entire 20 warrior Necron phalanx by himself. Alternatively, he can reliably kill a squad of 5 Inceptors or a Leman Russ Tank Commander or 10 Harlequin Players or even 4 Custodes Terminators a turn without any outside help.

If you want to turn him up to an 11, then add in a Jump Pack Rune Priest "squire" to aid him with Might of Heroes (making him S7, T6, and 9-11 base Lightning Claw attacks), Null Zone (taking away enemy Invuls), and/or Veil of Time... the Librarian can also either wear the Armor of Russ to make a selected enemy unit fight last or take the Wulfen Stone to give the Blenderlord even more attacks, once per game.

So, all this to say, with the right build and Successor Traits, a double claw TWC Lord may actually be even more ridiculously deadly than the old, late 8th edition Ragnar, while at the same time having more durability and significant better mobility.

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Wolf Guard Dan

Wolf Guard Dan


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That's pretty good. There's so much we can do with the codex and supplement. It is going to be a lot of fun to find all of the combos.

*wolf howl*!!!!
'It takes a vast amount of control to be this dangerous.' -Prospero Burns

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