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2k Fun Infrantry list

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Semi castle/deathstar list using an indomitor team as the center piece. This is a quite powerful and fun list.

Captain-jump pack, storm shield, xenoblade, paragon of their chapter, vault, blackweave shroud, master crafted weapon

Codicier Natorian

Bladeguard LT-dominus Aegis

Primaris Chief Apothecary- selfless healer, beacon angelus

10x Vanguard vets-
2 hvy hammers, 2 dual claws, 2 claw/inferno pistol, 4 shield/chainsword, jump packs

Indomitor Killteam-
1 sgt, 4 hvy intercessors-hvy bolt rifles, 1 plasmaceptor, 1 erad-multi melta, 3 erads melta rifles

2x Proteus Kill Teams
Sgt-p sword/bolter, 2 shield/bolter Vets, 3 hvy bolter Vets, 4 Stalker Vets

Proteus Kill Team-
Sgt-xenoblade/S.shield, blk shield- dual claws, 3 bolter/shields, 3 frag cannons, 1 dual claws VV, 1 Hvy Hammer VV
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The Pleasure God's Chosen

Emperor's Children (RIP) 2500 pts
Death Guard 3500 pts
Iron Warriors 3000 pts
Enslaved Traitor Guardsmen 1500 pts
Daemons 4000 pts
Salamanders 3000 pts
Necrons 2000 pts

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