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Forlorn fury question

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So forlorn fury lets you make a "normal move of up to 12""
Are you playing this as:you can move 12", even with a unit who can only move 6"? Or:you can move up to 12", if you could normally move 12" or more?

With the new change(usable only once), I'm more inclined to read it as a flat 12" move, even though initially it read to me as the latter




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I think it is a normal move but it cannot exceed 12" (e.g. Jump Packs within range of "Fury of Baal"). A non-JP unit would still be limited to its normal movement stat.

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The wording offers a maximum allowed normal move.  It doesn't offer a way to move beyond what we are normally allowed to do so in a normal move.  Essentially its to prevent any movement bonuses we may get from wargear/relics etc. 

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In fact it's limiting for our DC Captain on Bike, who normally could move 14".
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