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The PBP Big FAQ Thread (WIP)

FFG Cubicle7 Roleplay Play-by-post RPG

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Mazer Rackham

Mazer Rackham


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Hello everyone.


This thread is intended to collate and answer as many Frequently Asked Questions about the games we participate in here in the RPG Nook.  These questions will likely be about Mechanics first, but they may also be about other aspects of the game.  This thread is a work in progress and will be updated as often as we can, in order to help any poor wayfarer who needs a bit of a steer.


Most of the replies and clarification in this FAQ will be based on the responses by the developers (primarily Fantasy Flight Games) of the actual rulesets using their words where appropriate.  We understand that GM's are completely free to modify them as they see fit, but the basics of character building should roughly remain the same, as with certain procedural rules that are formed for balancing the game out.


If you're posting a query, please bear in mind that your campaign rules may differ and the replies, whilst we will make them as accurate as possible, are only guidelines.


The format of your query should really only contain the system you're asking about, and where possible, a page reference for the block o' text that's baking your noodle.



System: Deathwatch

Guys, I don't get the Oath thing (Core p.229).  Can someone tell me what Squad Mode this gives me to pull Abaddon's ears off?



We'll  refine that as we go, of course.  We'll also have a list of the books so you are familiar with the books we use and how to reference the parts you need to understand, so you can get the job done.


We'll also try to codify the responses into a proper FAQ at some point.  This is a...proto-FAQ if you will, for now at least.  It is important that you contribute, because the Fantasy Flight Games forums are closing down, and it is we who must carry the torch.


Have at it below, and remember - the only stupid question is the one that you don't ask.  Your question may be the one everyone else is thinking about and every improvement of our knowledge is both helpful and vital for the continuation of a smooth and enjoyable game.  If you want to try and dig the answer out yourself, or simply want to peruse the mass of information already about, then don't forget to check out our Resources thread.


Please make sure you familiarise yourself with both the Board Rules as well as the Forum Specific Rules when posting.





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Indexes: IA: Scions of Gehenna IA: White Paladins


The blanket of fire from the pirates thinned as they desperately tried to kill everyone, a costly mistake the Infantry would exploit.  Another explosion blossomed in a muted boom, tearing a man off his feet, sending him flying backwards almost gracefully, to crunch down fifteen metres from the initial point of impact, trailing blood from a ruptured knee joint.  Low gravity combat defied the usual expectation of seeing violent movements realised quickly.  It was horrifically deceptive.


Arron Owen, The Ares Gambit.

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