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Can Word Bearers take Orphans of Betrayal?

30k Horus Heresy Word Bearers Loyalist Rite of War RoW Orphans of Betrayal

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I know that traditionally Word Bearers can not be taken as loyalists, however while I was reading today I noticed that the Orphans of War row specifically says that it is to represent loyalist elements of otherwise traitor legions, and then that this row "may only be taken by" and then goes on to list Word Bearers amongst the other traitor legions.
If using this rite of war could one make the rules argument for taking a loyalist Word Bearers force?

The in-universe explanation would simply be that these were morally-deficient loyalists willing to do anything to keep their true loyalties hidden until they determined the time was right. (The HH obviously becoming the "right time" to reveal their true convictions)

But I am wondering more specifically if the Rite of War's rules would create an exception to the Word Bearers original "traitors only" rule, or if it is likely just a mistake and tough luck.
Interested to hear people's thoughts.




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You can take that Rite but you are still stuck as Traitors. Word Bearers do not have Loyalists full-stop; any survivors would be Blackshields at this point.

If you read the limitations carefully, it doesn't actually require you to be a Loyalist. It simply prevents you from taking Traitor-only units. It is not clearly defined how this interacts with the Word Bearers rule but my understanding is that it refers to the 'Traitor only' stamp found on some characters. Funnily enough, none of the Word Bearers actually have this stamp because they are covered by the broad restriction in their Legion rules. At the worst, it would stop you from taking Gal Vorbak, Ashen Circle and the special characters, but it's unclear what the intention is.

You can rationalise it as the Legion's undesirables who have been kicked out without necessarily swapping sides. For example, those condemned to death on Calth.

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