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Howdy! I'm Jared!

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Jared the Chaos Psyker92

Jared the Chaos Psyker92


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  • Faction: Orks and Death Guard

I'm Jared, I'm a tabletop owner and 40k fan from rural Georgia. Where I live there's not much people playing at all, but I loved the series since 2010 and by a boon of Chaos I was able to find someone give me Dark Imperium on a discount. I also have orks as well. While I'm not new to the lore or races, I am new to the tabletop itself and I'm looking to teach a friend of mine how to play with some bootleg and homebrew stuff. I'm not a very competitive player, but I love the universe and game regardless. I own Death Guard and Orks, but I'm curious of how I should expand these. I also need to teach a friend the game as well. Most of my models are not painted, due to college. 


Some odds and ends about me. I'm high functioning autistic and I also am in multiple fandoms, I write, shoot guns, run outside with my dogs, and I roleplay as my characters as well. I'm also on Discord! I even have my own server, although it's an in general hub group but we have a lot of Warhammer fans in it. 




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Welcome aboard :)

Painting Oaths Completed:
In the grim predictability of online 40k, there can be only Sun Tzu quotes

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battle captain corpus

battle captain corpus


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Greetings & welcome to the Bolter and Chainsword!

BCC's Hobby Guide:
- Be Grim Dark not Grim Derp
- Hobby for 15 minutes a day
- Your miniatures are always the best painted in the room
- Game with your heart and don't care about losing
- Make sure your opponent is having fun 





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Welcome Jared! Hopefully uou find the inspiration to add to the armies, there's so much great work on the forum and so many ideas to steal emulate.



I write, shoot guns, run outside with my dogs,


How good a shot are your dogs? biggrin.png

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