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WIP - The Void Rangers

White Scars successors Space marine Chapter

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Commander Nicky

Commander Nicky


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Hey Guys (and Girls)


So I have been thinking a lot lately of coming up with my Chapter, and I have almost everything I think I need, but would like to have some feedback on my Chapter organizational structure, it iconography, its lore, colour scheme, and history of origin, and anything else which come to mind.


So here we go:




Roaming the egde of space and the Imperium’s borders, The Void Ranger Chapter of the Emperor’s Space Marines is a relatively mysterious if not unknown Chapter. A non-codex Chapter, relatively little information is available and those which  are, are from questioning sources. This is not only a byproduct of the Chapter's alof relation with the other Imperium bodies, but also, so it seems a lack of insight and stanined relationships with the Adeptus Terra. The Void Rangers are relentless in persuit of the enemies of the Imperium and are always on the warpath to a new conflict, traveling almost exclusively from one warzone to another.  They almost only seems to be stopping for resuppling and recruiting which they do almost undescriminating. Indead the Chapter has already several ongoing confict with other Chapters as there has, as far as the Void Rangers concern, been disbrute over recruitment rights. In these incidents other Chapters, seem to have proclaims the recruitment right to certain worlds most notible the Dark Angels successor chapters; The Guardians of the Covenant and Consecrators but also the First Founding Imperial Fists, which the Void Rangers seems to have disrecarded and the Chapter has face cencur on more than once for these action by other Chapters and The Adeptus Terra. Theses one-way grudges, however, seems not to bother the Void Rangers as the approve of the honor duels sometime demanded and view the competions with these chapters as a way of proving their skills at arms.


Because of their almost nomadic habbit, it is unclear if the Void Rangers posses a base of operations, and from where the origin of the Chapter's main recrutment and resupling take place. Always wandering and patrol the outer egde of know space they seem to prefer the Segmentum Pacificus, more specific the area of space know as the Hasark's Path which is where Chapter is suspected of unofficial protecting. Indead several unoffical report requested by the inqusition has confirmed this to be the "lair" of this Chapter, if any can be found. The Chapter is however know for its loyal tendenty to the Imperium and once they have committed themselves to a campaign, they will, it seems fight on till whatever end. Their death or that of their foes.





The Void Rangers are of a unknown Founding The many ancient relics of highly advanced technology would suggest they are of an early founding, possibly the Second Founding. Agents of The Adeptus Terra point to the fact that they are not mentioned in any report before the 34th millenium and therefore suggest the Void Rangers to be of a later founding which were bleased wtih serveral "Gifts" by their founding Chapter. Still other describe them as a merger of several understrength Chapters of the same lineage who, after their Founding Chapter were destroyed in a disastrous campaign, united to form a new Chapter so their Founding's  lineage would not die out. The real story behind the Void Rangers is secret know only the a few high ranked members of the inqusition and even among them, much is uncertain. Some of them tell that the first members of this Chapter of striders walk amount the stars with the Emperor, that they can track their line back to some of the first legionare astartes. This would at least go on to explain the large amount of the Raptor Imperialis mark which is found on the armour of many of the current members of the Void Rangers.

These legionary where on their way from some ancient and forgotting campaign when they learned of the Horus Heresy. Which battle they fought, and against who in unknown. What is known, is on their way to join the Siege of Terra they were lost. Gone never seen again... until their warships appeared over Terra's orbitals... 3 millenial later than expected. They had been lost in the Warp and throught extinct. When it was discovered who they were and how they had been "belated" they despired. They saw their final journey as a failer on their part and the feelt the taste of bitterness at everthing they had build being destroyed. Had they been there, at the final Battle at the Siege they might, they believed, had prevented they loss of everything they hold dear. They feelt ashame for "failing" their Primarch's last mustering of his Legion when the time for the final battle approach, they feelt ashame for "failing" the Imperium, for letting it crumple, but most of all they feelt ashame for "failing" their Emperor in his hour of need; For letting him die.

They were meet by the High Lords wherebond they were giving a solomly order: Go to the stars, rout out every enemy, every traitor, xeno and mutant in the Imperium. Route them out and annihalate them. Do this and your failer will be forgotting. And so they, these legionare, obeyed and with this the Void Rangers Chapter was born.

Other speak of the Chapter going back back to at least the 6th Founding. They seem to be of Jaghatai Khan's lineage confirmend by several high ranked Magos Biologis who has had their hands on the Chapter's geneseed but the true remain eludent. The Chapter do not talk about this, They do not discuss from which Legion they descent from or who their founders called farther. Something, they say, are perhaps best forgotten...





The Void Rangers are a Fleet Based Chapter and operate from the relic-ship Act of Resolve, a hybrid lance attack-fleet carrier, which servce as the Chapter's Fortress Monastery, as the Void Rangers do not have a world of their own to call home or recruit from a single world. Instead they seems to make several mass influx of recruitments on their way across the Imperium or when moving from warzone to warzone. Once recruited the "esquires" as the neophytes are known as are assign to the "Company of Shadows", the unofficed 7th Warhost of the Void Rangers. Here the esquires will learn everthing that are required to survive the first of several tests. many of these test include fighting face-to-face either in real warzone as part of the auxilliary forces attach to a Warhost or with their fellow aspirants; blooding themself to prove their worth. Most will not survive. But those that do will become fully members of the Chapters, learning it traditions and lore.




The Chapter on the whole is a non-codex chapter orthough they, on the surface seems to follow many of their tenders. Many adepts of administration has pointed to the similarity between the Void Rangers and The Salamanders Chapter in their organization; being divived into 6 larger companies and a minor 7th company for raw recruits and the Chapter's Vanguard forces.

The basic unit of the Void Rangers are the Clans which are roughly equal to a codex comliant demi-company. These clans are expected to be autonome battle units, ready to respond to any challenges required by them. Clans are grouped together into Warhost which can consists of up to three clans: effectivly 150 Void Rangers not included auxilliary scouts and Vanguard forces or armoured support, each with an expected position in the order of rank, squad unit and clan, but ready to take up a new position should it be required. This makes a Warhost of the Void Rangers a considerbly force: ready to combat any threat head on or, after spliting up, deal with individual threats before reassemble again.

The Captains or leaders of these Warhost are fiercly independent and are called Warleaders, Warlords or simple Commanders. They are expected to act like mission controllers for the Warhost reading and controlling the battle from a distance, while a first lieutant or prime clan leader act as battlefield controller for the warhost; shouting out orders and directing the battle as it unfold. It is only in dire situations that the Commander will take direct affaire. Leading a decapitating strike against the enemies' HQ or intervening when the line seems the break.

Between these six Commanders, one is known as Kanpuka or Prime Commander and is considdered the second in command to the Taikun. He is also expected to take to the field as primary field commander should the entire chapter forces be comitted, while Taikun is expected to act as mission controller for the Chapter in these situations.

Commanders also represent an intermitting link between the Chapter Master/Lord Commander of the Chapter or Taikun, as he is known in their own tongue, and the ordinarry Void Rangers as the Taikun usely does not give attendance with the rank and file while they are aware of it. It is a tradition for the Void Rangers to not revield their commanding officer to any outsider who has not yet earned their trust so as better to protect him from assasinations. instead he will hide as one a member of the veterans or command squad, letting not only the members take temporary command in giving situations so as to get the experience that they may one day command their own clan or warhost one day, but also show that they understand, that to sacrifice themself for their lord may be required.


Knowledge and Secrets:
According to Inquisitor Van Der Saulan, who has been one of the primary investigators into, and has had the most dealings with, this Chapter, the Void Rangers live to serve and fight for the Emperor. This and noting else is matter. While this has been reported by the inquisitor to be said by "officer" Sasanki, whom the inquisitor suspected was a Void Ranger of a much higher rank than the "mere Strike Leader presented to her", Van Der Saulan, suspected there to be some truth to their boost. Certainly matter of loyalty to the Chapter and the Imperium was consider the greatest importance to these warriors. In the absence of the Emperor, this duty to service fall then on to the Taikun of the Chapter and, in absence of the Taikun, to the commanders, clan leaders, Elders and Kenseis of the Chapter. The inqusitor noted, however, that this was not a fixed. Outwardly though, there was n extensive resemblance to the basic Adeptus Astates patterns, although the command structure and the organisation of the Void Ranger could be discerned as being radically more fluid and specialised. During her stay on the Chapter's Battle Barge; the Stormspear, Van Der Saulan was introduced to several "School of Thoughts" and "Dojos of Combat" by Sasanki which the Void Rangers practiced. through at first suspected an iligal lodge or worse a cult of Chaos, Van Der Saulan reported to be taken back by how surprisingly open and egalitarian in nature these "Schools" and Dojos were. Apparently, the "Schools of Thoughts" were a formation which exist outside of the military formations of the Void Rangers and which purpose were to mentally and martially train and hone the skills of the Void Rangers. These School would assemble on the orders of the Schools’ Sage or Elders (apaparently the leader or leaders of the School) or at an officer’s request, to take responsibility for an area of operations or campaign. Each School have therefore a tactical or operational specialization, purpose, or expertise which, when on assembled to discuss and debate matters concerning their expertise, was spred out amount the many strike forces of the Void Rangers, offering their commanding officer guidance on certain matters of war.


While the exact numbers of Schools and their expertice was not disclosed to the inquisitor, it seems not only that every Void Ranger was a part of at least one School, but also serveral of their Chapter serfs or "Ashigaru" as they were called by the Rangers were followers of the Schools and in some cases respected members.
The following Schools were reported by the Inquistor exists:


  • “School of Mirrors”: Military school for the Chapter’s diplomatic relations with the other Imperium institute including other Chapters. It is most focused on practical matters instead of any moral principle. It stresses political and diplomatic tactics, debate, and lobbying skill. The inquisitor reported that no answer was giving about wether the School practices any kind of underhanded tactics to further the "understanding" of the "target". She suspect the use of espionage, spying, misdirection, saboteurs, or assassination be a part of this Schools training program.


  • “School of Numbers”: Military School for applied use of mathematic, calculation, logic, analyzation, and organization. Learning of formulating logistics maneuvers of battle plans and campaigns. Apparently the Schools maintained the Chapter’s warships, and many of their members were Techmarines, space combat officers or other associated with the Adeptus Mechanicum.


  • “School of The Mind”: Military School for the teaching, strengthening, and coping with the application of interrogations, psychological warfare, scored earth tactics, exterminates operation, cleansing campaigns, purges, massacres, or horrors from the Immaterial. Apparently mandatory attending for Librarians-in-training.


  • “School of Water”:  Military School which study the application of mobile- and mechanized warfare, fast attack, hit-and-run, reconnaissance, and outriding.


  • School of Earth”:  Military School which study the application static warfare: siege craft, strategy, military fortification, static defense and organizing of defenses. The School seemed to maintain the chapter’s Fortress-Monastery and other military fortifications and outposts, and it was indicated, that its Sage (or leader) was The Chapter's Master of the Watch.


  • “School of Miscellany”: Military School for integrating teachings from different schools. This school tried to integrate the merits of various schools and avoid their perceived flaws.





The "Dojos of Combat" were to the inquisitor a strange combination between squad units, dueling societies and a kind of informal network of combat specialists which were dedicated to a singular focus of war, combat skill, area, technique, or knowledge. The inquistor suspected these "Dojos" to be a integtrated part of the Chapter's combat programs, but much more decentralasation and with a focus on kindship. Each Dojo was headed by an officer called "Kensei" or "swordmaster" orthough, it did not restrain the Dojo to be a School for swordmanship. Indead, almost every type of weapon, it was noted by inquisitor Van Der Saulan, has a place in each of the Void Rangers Dojos. From combat knife to lightning claws, from chainsword to powerfist, even barehandend combat. Every weapon at the Void Rangers disposal seem to be trained in these Dojos. Neither did they restrain themself combat weapon along. To inquisitor Van Der Saulan, the Void Rangers seemed to valued markmanship as equal as close combat and several of these Dojos where dedicated to different weapons, from the simple bolt pistol to the destructive Plasmacannon.

When presed by Van Der Saulan, officer Sasanki explained that the Kensei were a kind of combat instructor for the other members of the Dojo but also acted as squad leader through they accordingly would carry their ranked title be it "void brother" (rank-and-file marine), "strike leader" (sergeant) or "prime leader " (Veteran sergeant) first and then their Dojo tittle afterward. At times, the Kensei or the Dojo's Champion, dependent on the situation and what was most convenient at hand, would spared with other Dojos and each others in the same Dojo, not only competing with their own Kensei for championship, but also to prove themself worthy to estabilsh their own Dojo one day or in the exceptional cases be transfered to the another clan or Warhost, to pass on their learning. It also seemed that these Dojos, when not trained, were spred out amount different squads, to act as combat specialist. Inquisitor Van Der Saulan also noted in her files, that there seemed to be a hierarchy in these Dojos, just as there were in the Schools of Thoughts, with the senior members of the Dojos belonging to two different clans; The Nitta and the Shimazhu clans; seeminly these two clans and another maded up the fightning elite of the Chapter, with the Shimazhu ("the Extraordinaires" amoun the Void Rangers) making up the elite combat units and Nitta Clan ("The Companions") making up the elite range units.

The last clan of these three clans, which made up the estimed first Warhost was the "Maeda", a clan made up of "outcasts, orphans and the most unstable elements in the Chapter" according to Sasanki. Maeda clan was a ritual post of atonement and redemption. This was for sins and breaches of honour to the Chapter or the Imperium which were too severe to ignore, yet not hard enough to require a death peanalty or exilie. Instead These "atoners" would join the van of sieges and other high-intensity conflicts which the Void Rangers prefere to circumvent if possible. In doing so, they would atone for their perceived sins through not only martial glory, but also the protection of their brothers as they were expected to use their armour as shields for the others. To help them, they were therefore giving access to the rare terminator armours, and drilled under grimeyed officers who, it seemed, held a highly respected place amount the Void Ranger fraternity. Those Void Rangers who survived their service with the Maeda clan were deemed to have proven themselves worthy in the eyes of the brothers and often returned to their previous posts or someting new, if they had impressed a clan leader or a commander. Of all the Void Rangers inquisitor Van Der Saulan were introduced to, the officers of Maeda clan and in particular lord Maeda Doraku were the most chilling and indiferent to the marines under their command, appearantly having the authority to condemn their underlings to death should they find it necessary.


As impressing as these clans where, inqusitor Van Der Saulan were, as seen in a previously closed file, dissappointed when she were denied a disclosure about the Void Rangers Intelligence service and operatives, which the Void Rangers has been almost infamous for. This did not Stop Van Der Saulan from piecing together data from different sources to form an overview of these services and operatives. To Van Der Saulan, it appeared that two clan; the Oda and Hattori. These "clans of darkness" were responsible for not only the communication and intelligence service for the Void Rangers, but also training and executive of covert operations. The traning off the these operative and "stealth" units seemed to Van Der Saulan to come from a very excellence and competent inflitrator combat program build over many hard years of trials-and- error experience for a Chapter which did not worked with other Imperial bodies. Certainly these operative refered to as "ninjus" and "kisho ninjutsu" when in a unit seemed operate behind enemy lines and even mingle with the imperial civilian populations in warzones, gatering informations for pinpointing the enemy positions and to scout for good strike sites in advance for the main Void Ranger force. Only when the time for the main Void Ranger force would take to the battlefield would they revield themself; striking at the enemy command structure and destroy them with well-placed surgical strikes while the battle rages or create conditions of all-consuming chaos among the enemy's ranks when evething seemed to be in good order. It is also noted in her files, that Van Der Saulan expected the new Primaris Vanguard space marines to be integrated in the Oda and Hattori clans, furthering strengthening these clans.




spacemarine #01
 Space marine of the Void Rangers     
spacemarine #03
 Strike leader (sergeant) of the Void Rangers
spacemarine #04
Veteran/command members
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Any thoughts about their chapter culture? How do they interact with other chapters, or non-SM imperial forces? How is their naming tradition?



Indead the Chapter has already several ongoing fedeals with other Chapters as there has,

Is "fedeals" the rigth word?


Indead the Chapter has already several ongoing fedeals with other Chapters as there has, as far as the Void Rangers concern, been disbrute over recruitment rights. In these incidents other Chapters seem to have proclaims the recruitment right to certain worlds, which the Void Rangers seems to have disrecarded and the Chapter has face cencur on more than once for these action by other Chapters and The Adeptus Terra.

Suggest naming at least two of those other chapters



Some say they are of the Second Founding as the Chapter posses many ancient and rare but highly advanced relics. 

Suggest changing into something like: "the many ancient and rare relics of advanced technology suggest that they are of an very early founding, possibly even the second"



and even amount them, much is uncertain

I think you mean "among" not "amount"

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Brother Lunkhead

Brother Lunkhead


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Welcome to THE LIBER, Brother. You're off to a fine start with your Void Rangersthumbsup.gif  I'm looking forward to seeing more.


You've developed the Chapter's mysterious background nicely, with just enough detail to peak interest. I suggest you go no further. Too much detail can go one of two ways. It either gives too much away, or ends up sounding too contrived.


Your text is peppered with some interesting words and phrases (questioning sources, alof, Imperium bodies, stainined relationships, indead, fedeals, cencur, eludent, etc.). You might want to clean up a few misspellings, and you might want to keep a few in as well. H.P. Lovecraft was known to make up his own words and phrases, and it worked out quite well for himmsn-wink.gif


Are you planning to enter your Void Rangers in the Liber Astartes Swap Challenge 2021? Phase 1 still has about a month to go and you've got a fairly solid start. I highly encourage you to consider it. 

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Commander Nicky

Commander Nicky


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Thank you vey much Brothers smile.png


I have added a little more to the information about the Chapter, I hope you will enjoy msn-wink.gif (y)


As English is not my first language, I will reserve my right to have a few gramma and spelling misstakes :/


I will definitely enter the Swap Challenge 2021 biggrin.png I'm just in need of finding time to actually work on this project through: /

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