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Death Guard FAQ - 22nd February, 2021

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It seems they don’t want movement modifiers to affect DG unless there are movement modifiers, in which case they affect DG. Clear as mud!?!


I get it, they don't want the legion that is known to be the number 1 premier heavy infantry, hostile terrain + trench fighter masters, with IW's and IF's fighting for the no 2 trench fighter spot to be any good at navigating terrain that would impede everyone else in comparison. dry.png *


*Adjusts armour filtration settings to filter critical sodium accumulation.*  

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This is a bit odd. I'd have thought they would ignore any terrain penalties, but being still subject to outside modifiers. This is still better for DG though, despite fluff issues. In all my 8th and 9th games, I've never had a charge reduced by terrain, but I love to tenebrous curse and doombolt stuff. 

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