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Blood Angels 1000pts Tournament - advice?

Blood Angels Army Lists Blood Angels Army List Tournament Tournament List

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My local group is having a tournament in a couple of weeks (short notice) and it's 1000pts 40k. There's a lot of new/inexperienced gamers, so it's staying small to keep things fast.


Normally I take whatever I think will be fun, but this time I'm playing to win!


1000 Jump/Bike List



1500 Biker/Jump list (expanded version of above)



From these you can kind of see what I'm comfortable playing. Attack bikes have been a staple of my armies since 5th ed, and combined with the priest they're pretty rad. 



The Opposition:

I'm not sure exactly how many will be in the tourney, but we're looking at maybe 8-10. Knowing peoples preferences, the lists I'll probably be dealing with are:


The knight player from my last game (2 knights + armiger in 1k)

Slaanesh Daemons (Keeper, Syll'eske, blob of daemonettes)

Dark Angels mixed

Blood Angels

Genestealer Cults +/- Tyranids

+/-Scions air cavalry (hard at 1k?)

+/- Death Guard



The List:

The natural evoultion of these two lists bring me to this, which is where I think I'll start planning my list. We have a strong base in attack bikes, biker smash captain, sanguard, the priest, if he can revive an attack bike per turn, effectively adds 5% to my points total per turn. My concern is that that army is then 25% characters, which seems a lot. I dont want to spend any more than that. Maybe I can make the priest the warlord and get him teeth of terra + arty armour to make him pull his weight in combat also. I then have to choose between Icon of the angel + gift of foresight and Imperiums Sword + Visage of Death on the captain. Thoughts on that? Unsure if the storm shield is even worth it without angel artifice/Indomitus.


The big question marks are the outriders and the death company. The death co could be swapped for Vanguard or more sanguinary guard. Thinking critically, ignoring armour is probably worth more than weight of dice, though Death co dont even have weight of dice on their side due to the extra A on the Sanguard. You're looking at 6 s4 AP-2 D1 chainsword attacks on the charge for 25pts vs 5 s5 ap-4 D2 attacks from a Sanguinary guard for 30pts. 


What I've learned is that my armies are definitely based around multiple ~150pt units that move fast and punch above their weight. I could also add a whirlwind in there for anti horde and suppression fire.


Alternatively, I go mad and chuck a librariain in there for null zone+ unleash rage, and lose the captain. My other units hit quite hard anyway. 


1000 Jump/Bike List




Thoughts, input and optimisation are welcome!


I'll be ordering the SM and BA strat cards this week so I have them to hand for the game so no forgetting. 

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I don’t think DC are worth running in a unit of 6, I would do either 5 or 8-10. You’re doubling the CP cost of forlorn fury for the smallest possible return.

I would probably drop the DC entirely in favor of vanguard vets with shields. Give them a couple hammers and a couple of lightning claws and they’ll be able to put out a lot of damage while being decently hard to shift.

I’m also not a fan of Outriders at 50ppm. I think you’ll get more mileage out of increasing your JP squads or bringing another squad completely - you can get 5 SG, VV, or DC for those points and they’ll be more efficient. If you want them for board control I would drop them for one squad of incursors and 45 points to throw into another squad.
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Good point of the CP cost for forlorn, I'm thinking of dropping the DC entirely, they come to about the same points as a unit of vanguard with power weapons and shields who can invariably hit harder. 


A redraft of the list is below. I could always swap the vv's and whirlwind for 5 assault terms, but then I lose mobility. 


The secondaries I'm thinking of are 


Relentless assault, Oath of Moment, other, scenario dependant. The list lacks units to be in the opposing DZ turn 1, unless I get a charge. Death co would fix this, alternatively a drop pod. With petals open and 2 comapny vets inside, this could be a real spoiler unit in a terrain laden 1000pt game.   



++ Patrol Detachment 0CP (Imperium - Adeptus Astartes - Blood Angels) ++

+ Configuration +

**Chapter Selection**: Blood Angels

Battle Size: 2. Incursion (51-100 Total PL / 501-1000 Points)

Detachment Command Cost

Gametype: Matched

+ Stratagems +

Relics of the Chapter: Number of Extra Relics

+ HQ +

Captain on Bike: 5. Gift of Foresight, Storm shield, Stratagem: Hero of the Chapter, Thunder hammer, Visage of Death

Sanguinary Priest: 2. Artisan of War, Artificer Armour, Astartes Chainsword, Bolt pistol, Chapter Command: Chief Apothecary, Jump Pack, Selfless Healer, Stratagem: Angel Exemplar, Teeth of Terra, Warlord

+ Troops +

Infiltrator Squad: Helix gauntlet
. 4x Infiltrator: 4x Bolt pistol, 4x Frag & Krak grenades, 4x Marksman bolt carbine
. Infiltrator Sergeant

+ Elites +

Sanguinary Guard
. Sanguinary Guard: Angelus boltgun, Encarmine sword
. Sanguinary Guard: Angelus boltgun, Encarmine sword
. Sanguinary Guard: Angelus boltgun, Encarmine sword
. Sanguinary Guard: Angelus boltgun, Encarmine axe
. Sanguinary Guard: Angelus boltgun, Encarmine axe

Vanguard Veteran Squad: Jump Pack
. Vanguard Veteran: Lightning Claw, Storm shield
. Vanguard Veteran: Power sword, Storm shield
. Vanguard Veteran: Power fist, Storm shield
. Vanguard Veteran: Power fist, Storm shield
. Vanguard Veteran Sergeant: Power fist, Storm shield

+ Fast Attack +

Attack Bike Squad
. Attack Bike: Multi-melta
. Attack Bike: Multi-melta
. Attack Bike: Multi-melta

+ Heavy Support +

Whirlwind: Whirlwind castellan launcher

++ Total: [56 PL, 3CP, 990pts] ++

Created with BattleScribe

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Xenos XX\

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