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DanPesci's Titanicus Legio WiP

adeptus titanicus Picture Heavy

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Hey all!


Have been kicking around the Admech and Space Wolf forums on here for a few years, but recently delved into the world of titanicus whilst needing a new painting project during the latest lockdown


Im still working on the fluff for my Legio, but im currenlty writing up to tie into my admech army, who I wanted to borrow the paint scheme off. (the fluff around my admech army is that they are an explorator fleet, so this will be the Legio that they have with them - 30k/40k dependant haha)


Must say, the titanicus models are AWESOME. Some of the most fun Ive had building and painting in a while - all weapons/heads (and the torsos on warhounds) are magentised (first time doing that in ages too!). 


I still have a bit of basing to do on the reavers and half the cerastus knights. But basically built and painted 4x warhounds, 2x reivers and 6x cerastus knights in just over a week, so fairly chuffed.


Still to decide which Legio to use the rules for. 



Also had my first game of AT last weekend, where I split my legio down the middle and had a starter game with my brother in law. Really cool game/system and both thoroughly enjoyed our titans exploding all over the place (we may have understimated pushing those reactors!). Please to say I won the first game though (although went to the wire).



Anyway, enough chat, heres some pics. Ill be adding more to this thread both pic and fluff wise over the next two months.

Once the basing is finished on the last few models ill definately be picking up a Warlord to head the pack.

I also need to get a better backdrop - the kettle isnt quite cutting it teehee.gif


P.s. for those with sharp eyes, the 6mm admech/titanguard on some of the bases are from Vanguard Miniatures.




Legio ++ Name Redacted ++





Finished Warhounds







Finished Cerastus Knights






Reavers (still to be fully based)






Vanguard Minis - 6mm 'admech' basing fun






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Welcome Princeps!


Like your color scheme and the snowy bases. They work together well.


The Defense of Ryza book will give you all the tools you need to create your custom Legio, though it's good to get a few games under your belt and get a feel for your play style before setting all the traits in stone.


Can you share a bit more of your background?




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Great stuff. Welcome to our little bit of the board, and GW’s best game.

I’ve written sort of a guide to the game. Very long-winded but you might find a nugget or two of useful stuff in there. http://www.bolterand...ipia-titanicus/

Other good sources are Goonhammer’s excellent warlord Wednesdays series and videos by Tabletop Standard, engine kill.

C+C always welcome on my Titanic Plog. Should really be painting Crimson Fists.


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