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Lexicanum - Who has changed the Alpha legion info?

Alpha legion

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Commander Nicky

Commander Nicky


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Dear Brothers


apparently someone has on lexicanum changed or more correctly deleted a lot of the information there is on the Alpha Legion. Is there a friendly soul who know how to change it back again?


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Ryltar Thamior

Ryltar Thamior


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inb4 somebody answers with "Alpharius"

because that would, indeed, be meta, the Legion censoring its own wiki-page. 

I took a brief look at the lexicanum page in question and couldn't seem to see anything *too* obvious that was missing, so I hit the "recent changes" page and sure enough ... earlier today somebody had taken out a bit more than six thousand words of content from the page. However - a few hours later, somebody added back *in* a little over ten thousand words of content, following a quarantine of the page ... so i'm not sure if tings are back to normal - but I'd hazard that whatever it was that was done was probably largely undone. 

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