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Dakka Squadron: Flyboyz Edition

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Evil Eye

Evil Eye


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Having recently gotten my PC set up with my long-delayed graphics card I decided to nab a new game on Steam- Dakka Squadron! It's an arcade-style flight shooter with a distinctly Orky flavour to it, and having given it a spin I love it.


The pros:

>Wonderful visuals, really good grasp on the 40K look and the Ork aesthetic.

>Once you get the hang of the controls, zipping about in your jet is really, really fun. Especially when you can effectively handbrake-turn in your jet.

>Excellent voice acting, properly Orky sounding.

>Not only can you paint your jet any number of colours, but the colours have actual Orky in-game effects! Blue makes you luckier (less likely to take damage), red makes you faster, purple makes you harder to hit, etc.

>It is by far and away the Orkiest game on Steam right now, bar none.

>Almost enough Dakka.


The cons:
>Learning to fly the jet is quite tricky, and you'll probably crash a lot at first. Definitely take the time to fiddle with the sensitivity settings.

>The maps are a little bit small, and from what I've seen of the campaign they get repeated a lot.

>Can't skip intro cutscenes, which is annoying if you die and have to restart the level.

>Aiming is about as precise as you would expect from an Ork pilot.

>Not quite enough Dakka.


It's not perfect, but it is a lot of fun and I would definitely recommend it. Certainly I liked it enough to leave this Orky review for it on Steam:



Anyone else playing?



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