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Heavy Intercessors in Scars Lists

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Given the reveal that the individual HI box will be released in May, I wondered about people's thoughts on heavy intercessors for Scars lists.

For me, my troops (autobolter intercessors) are kept cheap and cheerful to fit more cool stuff in a list, but I see the value in normalising on a T5, 3+ profile across my army. To swap.my intercessors for heavy intercessors thuugh, costs me a Khan on bike, which feels like.madness.

What's everyone else's thoughts?




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I'm very much a play what appeals to you fluff bunny so please view anything I say through that lens.

For me I'm not a fan of the Heavy Intercessor (for the Scars) as they seem to be more of a ranged objective camper in my mind and I've been relegating that to cheap as chips tactical squads, because usually for me they'll be performing an action most of the game instead of shooting. Yes they'll be gone when a stiff breeze shows up but that's why I'm bringing terminators with a teleport homer to give me the option to quickly support my campers.

I like the look of the armor but without built in deep strike and/or power weapons to help out in melee in addition to shooting they'll sit on the shelf for me at this time.

That said if you do them as Scars please do post them




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ABR Intercessors seem to be the most popular a lot of the time and I think the Assault variant of Heavy Intercessors will be the same. Even an MSU squad will be putting out 15 S5 shots on the move, even when Advancing. The lack of AP is a slight hindrance but they do benefit in the Tactical Doctrine.

You lose a Khan but your Troops gain a 50% buff to durability. In practice it will often be more than that as S4 weapons will be less effective and even overcharged plasma will now be wounding on a 3+ and will need 2 failed saves to kill each model.

I am definitely buying a squad when they hit the shelves but I will wait to see how they work out for me before I decide whether to get more.
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Sanguinius stood up, stretching his wings to their full extent. He flexed his hands. "I need no blade".
It was as though Sanguinius gleamed with pale light, his face white, eyes becoming blood-red, surrounded by the golden crown of flowing hair. Guilliman had witnessed glimpses of of his brother's wrath before, but had never seen the true Blood Angel unleashed. Sanguinius surged forward on alabaster wings, half a meter from the floor, whiteness streaming from him like flames.

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