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Changing Avatar


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Brother Captain Alberic

Brother Captain Alberic


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I am trying to change my avatar and in the posting images tutorial it suggests you can click on avatar next to an uploaded photo and it will automatically adjust the size but this doesn't seem to be there anymore.  Am I looking at an out of date tutorial and is there another way to resize the photo as currently the file is too big.

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So, in your B&C Gallery, select the image you wish to use. Click on "Options", then "View all Sizes". Then select "Thumbnail 100x100". Alt-click on the image and select "Copy Image Address". 

Then in the "Change my Photo" section, paste the text into the "Import photo from URL" box. This will add the uncropped photo/pic.




gallery_48988_15465_50871.pnggallery_48988_6285_19365.pnggallery_48988_15465_13594.png sml_gallery_48988_15094_4327.pngsml_gallery_48988_16045_3749.png sml_gallery_48988_16045_1076.png sml_gallery_48988_16053_7077.png gallery_48988_10069_385.png

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Brother Tyler

Brother Tyler


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Another method...

You are currently using the image below:


gallery_26_6416_188.gif Before creating this, I was using my standard avatar, my Legio mini-me (from the Nova Hawks Chapter), as seen in the image below:


gallery_26_6416_188.gif1. Find the image that you want to use. Most of the time, people use an image from their B&C gallery. I've selected the image that I've titled "Lion Inquisitor" in my Venerators album. You can use an image from any gallery to which you have access, but you should only do so when you have permission. For example, you might use the image from my gallery that I'm using in this tutorial.


gallery_26_6416_188.gif2. Mouseover the red "Options" button to the right and then click on the "Set as Photo" option. (You can't see the cursors in the images.)


gallery_26_6416_188.gif3. A dialog box will appear, along with an editing tool. Most of the image will be grayed out, with the editing tool in the center showing the portion that will become your avatar. The editing tool allows you to select the portion of the image that you want to use for your avatar.


gallery_26_6416_188.gif4. Select the portion you want to use as your avatar. Drag the handles at the corners to adjust the dimensions (it will remain a square) and drag the lines to adjust the placement of the square. Click "Save" when you are done.


gallery_26_6416_188.gif5. Success! The new avatar will appear as your avatar on your profile, but your old image will probably continue to appear at the top of the page for you (other members will see your new avatar). You can see in the image below that my new avatar appears to the left of the image file name, but my old avatar continues to appear at the top left of the screen.


gallery_26_6416_188.gif When you go to the main page, you'll probably still see your old avatar. Sometimes this will go away when you refresh, but it will definitely go away if you delete your cookies and clear your cache. Regardless, other members will see your new avatar.


gallery_26_6416_188.gif I didn't delete my cookies or clear my cache, but I've opened the site using Chrome (I normally use Edge) to show you that your avatar does change, as demonstrated by the avatars appearing in all four topics that appear in the + ORDO ADMINISTRATUM + category.


I'll leave this avatar until I'm satisfied that you've seen both this tutorial and the one that Grotsmasha posted above.


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