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Munchkin Warhammer 40,000 (Tyranids are OP in this)

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Munchkin is a card game players try to power level by gaining XP and loot.  We've played the Warhammer 40,000 version for a few months now (started last December) and here's our finding: Tyranids are so OP.


Why are Tyranids OP?  In this game about getting phat loot that gives sweet pluses in combat, there are certain limitations.  For example, you can only wear 1 helmet (usually) because you only have 1 head (and of course there are cards that provide loopholes so you can wear more).  The most powerful items...like a Hellstrike Missile...is a One-Use item, so that you only use them as a last resort.  Tyranids have an ability to turn One-Use items into a permanent re-usable Biomorph, like your Tyranid character evolved an ability to grow then vomit out the equivalent of a Hellstrike Missile each turn.





How I won our 1st game.  I was some sort of weird Tyranid creature with a Pincer Tail, Slashy Claws, Hooves, but also Wolf Guard Armour, the Book of Magnus and a Supercharged Thunder Hammer.  I could also spit out Miasma Grenades (this one kinda made sense actually).


Our game group has come up with a House Rule to balance this: if you win, you must convert a model to look like your character.  So now I have to convert some sort of Tyranid in Wolf Guard Armour spitting out blight bombs.  As you probably predicted, we all deliberately try to lose now.

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I demand that you post pictures once this models comes to be......

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