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IA: Warborne - note stage

Brother Argent LASC 2021 Warborne White Talons

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Brother Argent

Brother Argent


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IA: Warborne


" We are born of war.  We are forged in its fires.  Every breath we take, every strike we make, every threat of our soul in bound to it.  We are born of war.  And when we die, it will be fighting it." 

Captain Alexamander to new initiates M.41



  • Founded to assist White Talons in 35ish founding
  • Do quite well, despite White Talon efforts
  • Betrayed by Talons and get all but destroyed
  • Rebuild to mostly full strength before Cicatrix Maledictum
  • Geneseed stocks stolen by White Talon raid.
  • Chapter almost destroyed again.  Last three companies get destroyed before homeworld.
  • Indomitus Crusade arrives and rebuilds/replenished Chapter from the last few survivors.  Last few marines cross the Rubicon
  • Warborne are reborn as all Primaris




When they were sent to serve in St Andwyn's Scar the Warborne were gifted the world of Plataea to serve as their homeworld.  Situated at the galactic north of the Scar Plataea had been the site of many battles against the orks that often invaded the region.  Indeed even the White Talons had fought several battles on its rocky and mountainous surface and the scars of these conflicts were never far from the surface.  Despite this Plataea was a still very much a world of philosophers and artists.  This very much changed with the arrival of Warborne.  Seeing such things as a waste of time not only did the Warborne outlaw such wasteful pursuits they even went to the extent of outlawing even basic things like trade.  Plataea would serve as nothing more then a fortress as well as a school for recruits.  All male children were tested at birth for defects or weakness.  Those judged unfit were promptly slain.  The children were then taken and placed into the vast military schools that were scattered across the planet.


At these schools the boys learn to fight, to survive hardship and how to work as a unit.  Everything they do is to make them better soldiers.  They are provided with little to no food and expected to steal to survive.  If they are caught, however, they are beaten.  Not for stealing, but rather being caught.  A warrior needs to think on his feet and survive.  They are forced to fight each other, but never with malice.  They are provided no bed or quarters, but rather forced to make their own.  They are given no clothes other then a cloak, the right to wear shoes or boots must be earned, regardless of the weather.  Students are often forced into lethal team battles against other schools in great sand arenas where glory goes to the victor and the loosers are punished, those that survive anyway.  And atop of this they are all often subject to random punishment and beatings.  Life is hard and often short.  Great are the number of students that die at the schools or, worse, fail.


Those that fail are either killed or made to serve as slaves, along with the women folk of the planet.  If the life of a student on Plataea is hard, then the life of a slave is worse.  They are regarded as less then property.  Indeed as a coming of age ritual it isn't uncommon for the students to hunt and kill the strongest slave they can find.  Of course if the students are found blooded themselves in such a manner they are beaten.  Not for killing the slave, of course, but for being caught.


Plataea itself has become as rugged and harsh as the marines that call her home.  Following the devastation of the planet during the first invasion of the White Talons, then damage during the same chapters raid on its Apothecarion and finally during the bloody times of the Noctis Aeternia the planet had become blasted and shattered.  Its once great marble cities, where alabaster columns stood thick like forests, were left broken toppled ruins.  Its forests were stripped of life and burned.  Even the Warborne's great fortress monastery lay broken.  Yet the planet is slowly recovering, much like the Chapter itself.  The forests are slowly starting to regrow and people dwell among the broken cities.  The Warborne, and their planet, were beaten but not broken.




The Warborne are scions of Roboutte and before the second scouring of the Chapter were fanatical followers of the Codex.  The strict warrior culture of the Chapter meant that discipline through the Codex was ideal.  That is not to say commanders within the Chapter didn't use their initiative.  Indeed a large part of the training those earmarked for command would under go was around adaptive thinking and problem solving it was a clearly defined line between the rank and file and Chapter command.  A Captains role was to think, a marine's was to do.  It was this strict methodology that served them well during their conflict with the White Talons, whose method of war was a far more individualistic.


Following the arrival of the Indomitus Crusade and the Primaris it brought the Chapter was restructured.  Those few non Primaris marines either crossed the Rubicon Primaris or died trying.  A Warborne's role was to fight, and be the best at fighting, so any advantage was to be taken.  Anything else was to admit to weakness.  These changes, along with the fact that most of the Chapter had been lost, meant adhering to the less rigid adherence to the Codex the reborn Primarch taught.  The Warborne are still noted as strict in their chain of command and structure, but perhaps less then before.


Combat Doctrines

  • Brutal and relentless.  Strike to kill
  • Have all the latest gubbins
  • Merciless and efficient.
  • Again, highly codex.



  • We are born of war.  We are warriors.  We live to fight.
  • The weak are worthless.  Mortals are scarcely worth the time
  • The strong are strongest without the weak.



  • Ultramarine
  • Most stolen by White Talons
  • Now entirely Primaris



- Very Greek themed (helmet plumes, greek maze designs etc)

- Captains/honour guards have bronze chest plates.

- Sarge's have bronze helms.


Chapter Symbol:


Colour scheme:


gallery_36568_16639_28511.png Captain: gallery_36568_16639_13594.png






And so I finally get to these guys.  These are just notes so I don't expect any feedback yet, just jotting things down.


Should hopefully get a more fleshed out version tomorrow.

Edited by Brother Argent, 01 April 2021 - 09:27 PM.





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* Founded to assist White Talons in 35ish founding

I guess they are a fellow Chapter? If so, maybe write "assist the White Talons Cahpter in", if not maybe mention what the White Talons are



- Very Greek themed (helmet plumes, greek maze designs etc)

You could make some fun things with mazes when it comes to their culture or how their ships and/or fortress/es are designed 

Edited by Gamiel, 28 March 2021 - 11:57 AM.

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