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The Drydock Reconquest: Dos' group's Dominion campaign

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Hello folks,

My group and I have gotten our very first Dominion campaign underway and I'd like to share some related stuff with you people. :)

First off, a brief bit of background lore:

In Drydock, trade was long guaranteed by the frequent to-and-fro of barges and small ships that brought goods and people from other settlements dotted around the Sump Lake and the inhabitants of Drydock made a living off the various opportunities that such bountiful trade offered them. After years of good business, the Sump Lakeā€™s water edge suddenly retracted, leaving Drydock tragically high and dry. Overnight, the livelihoods of hundreds disappeared and people were left with the unlikely hope that somehow the lake shores would reach the settlement once more. That was a decade ago and Drydock is a shadow of its former self.
Recent pillaging of trade caravans in the wastes around Drydock and passing through other settlements has however changed the situation. These loot-laden convoys are now forced to take the relatively safer route through Drydock: the remaining inhabitants are keen to capitalise on this unexpected and potentially fleeting opportunity that has been given to them. Naturally, the attention of various gangs has turned towards this desolate husk of a town: they are extremely interested to claim territory and get their share of the tasty sump-pie!

There are seven players involved, most of them new to Necromunda, with a decent mix of gangs:
  • a Cawdor gang, the Almighty Furnace;
  • a Chaos Cult gang, the Congregation of Everlasting Contentment;
  • a Delaque gang, the Grey Shadow;
  • two Escher gangs, the Wildcats and the Caustic Claws (my gang);
  • a currently unnamed Orlock gang;
  • and a Van Saar gang, named Beethoven.
None of the gangs is fully-painted and I haven't taken any pictures of them yet, so those will be forthcoming.

We started our campaign on Sunday and will be playing until its conclusion in early June. The precise timeline can be found below:
  • Occupation phase:
    • Round 1 (28/03-10/04)
    • Round 2 (11/04-24/04)
  • Downtime (25/04-08/05): I'll be organising a special but optional multi-player event here.
  • Takeover phase:
    • Round 3 (09/05-22/05)
    • Round 4 (23/05-05/06)
  • Potential final free-for-all multi-player game, to be planned/confirmed
Each round is two weeks long to give folks enough time to play their minimum of one game per round, with the idea being that no one should feel like the campaign is too fast-paced and that they can't keep up. We're all busy people and sometimes real life stops you from playing Necromunda three nights a week. ;)

After our first round of games on Sunday, the Congregation of Everlasting Contentment (CoEC) are in the lead thanks to their victory against the Almighty Furnace. During the Border Dispute that arose between the two gangs, one of the Cawdor Champions, Baldryk, was shredded to pieces by a hail of heavy stubber fire in the first moments of the skirmish which led to a prompt death, leaving the rest of the pious men in disarray. They all fled the battlefield shortly after, allowing the CoEC to defile the Cawdor gang relic, claim the Bone Shrine they were fighting over and lay claim to it bountiful loot.

Fairly close behind are Beethoven, the only gang who managed to get two games in one day. The first battle was a Border Dispute against the Caustic Claws in which the Escher gang pushed forward in an attempt to overwhelm the outnumbered rad-poisoned technophiles, only to suffer a number of grievous injuries, forcing them to concede their turf to the scions of House Van Saar who were happy to occupy their new Tunnel territory but disappointed by their meagre credit gains. The Caustic Claw Juves, the only two to suffer any long-lasting damage, have vowed to avenge their wounded hands no matter the cost.
Next, Beethoven faced the Orlocks in the Old Ruins in another Border Dispute, this time snatching victory from the jaws of defeat after both gangs had pummled each other before loosing most of their gangs to morale. This time, the Van Saar were not so lucky and suffered some serious injuries.

Last but not least, the Wildcats and the Grey Shadow clashed in the Underhive over posession for the Drinking Den. Both sides had to Escape the Pit they were stuck in and managed to do so with minimal injuries. However, the devious Delaque managed to gain the upper hand and claim the territory for themselves!

So that's where we are now. In the future, I'll continue updating this thread with brief battle overviews/reports and pictures, as well as anecdotes of the fun and crazy stuff that'll undoubtedly happen in the Underhive!

Thank you for reading, take care! :tu:
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Brother Bahram

Brother Bahram


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Looking forward to follow šŸ˜„

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Until the Sword is reforged




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Thanks, Brother Bahram. thumbsup.gif

Last week, I challenged the Congregation of Everlasting Contentment (CoEC) to a fight, never suspecting that foul trickery would abound and sabotage the efforts of my Caustic Claws. The Ambush that the Escher set for the odd-looking Cawdor backfired and despite deploying aggressively to maximise the damage inflicted, the Claws were plagued by terrible dice rolls while the CoEC seemed blessed by the Emperor himself (turns out, it was Tzeentch but hush). While my gang only managed to inflict one OOA on a lowly enemy Ganger and a Flesh Wound on a Champion, the CoEC inflicted five OOA results on my gang which left only two fighters left after only three turns. The Claws fled, leaving the CoEC in control of the Stinger Mould Sprawl the Escher so dearly wanted. Thanks to the local Doc's intervention, the Claws avoided a death among their ranks but it starved them of much-needed creds.

A few days later, the six fighters not in recovery got together to challenge the Grey Shadow. Both gangs were stuck in the Badzone and were attempting to escape it, its mutant inhabitants, and hostile environment. An abandoned warehouse located in the centre had four caskets full of creds and both gangs were keen to secure them. The Claws were cautious in the opening turns but, unfortunately, the better half of the fighters had been intoxicated and could barely hold together, leaving three Juves with little hope to do much damage. The battlefield was mostly manoeuvres until Blaze, an Escher Champion, pounced around corner and tried to take down the Leader of the Shadow in a hail of plasma bolts. Despite her best efforts, he ended up leaving the battlefield with nothing more than a scratch despite seeming grievously wounded after the furious salvo. The return fire was equally feroucious and after Blaze and a Juve went down and OOA, the Claws abandoned the field once again, leaving the Delaque in possession of the lucrative Mine Works and 250 creds...

And finally, today the Claws were back out in the Underhive this time battling against the Cawdor of the Almighty Furnace. The Escher had planned a Takeover of the Slag Furnace, which the Cawdor claimed was a holy site and rightfully theirs. After a long (over 5.5 hours!) and tense battle, during which more than half the Claws caught fire at least once, the Escher emerged victorious but not before three fighters were sent OOA and two fled. A visit to the local Doc avoided, yet again, a death among the the Claws but thankfully there are still some credits left to purchase gear and/or more fighters.

That's all the games that have happened over the last week: the hyperactive Escher (and me) were very keen to pull in a win. :D I've once again taken zero pictures but will do my best to provide some in the next update!

Thank you for reading, take care! smile.png

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