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Campaign Reboot: The Splintered Enigma

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So I've been processing the Crusade content of the dex, and thinking about my Commorragh campaign through that lens. The Crusade section of the new dex gives me all the mini-game campaign I need. Rather than growing things from Kill Teams, I can start at Combat Patrol scale and use codex legal units. 


The history that I had laid down doesn't exactly work anymore; in the previous iteration, my Archon was powerful enough to be the Lord of a Splinter Realm with a Kabal at his disposal, but his army and his realm were decimated in the Daemonic Incursion that followed the Ynarri to Commorragh. The idea was that he would be a Master Archon and he would have a retinue of Trueborn.


But if you're playing Crusade, you can't start as a Master level character, which also means no Trueborn. If I want those things, I have to earn them... Which is fair.


So the story changes:


During the Daemonic Incursion that followed Yvraine and the Ynarri, House Draven were noted for their ferocity in battle against the Daemons, largely due to the efforts of the Enigma Killers, a team of House Draven Trueborn known for their use of phantasm grenade launchers and other terror tactics. House Draven were able to repel the Daemons from their own domain, as well as providing assistance with the defense of other territories. Unfortunately, an allied Archon known as Vypus the Pale fell in battle, and his splinter realm, the Fractured Spiral is presumed beseiged or lost.


Sykil, the sixth Trueborn son of House Draeven was trained by the famed Enigma Killers, and he has been given the task of reclaiming the Fractured Spiral. It is suspected that territories within the realm may contain survivors of the calamity, or that fighting may still be in progress. He's been ordered to assemble a team from the House guard. He has chosen those who are known to have allegiances among the Wych Cults and the Lhamaeans, as well as those who have first hand knowledge of the Fractured Spiral.


Sykil 's plan is to augment his Enigma Killer training by studying Wych Combat Drugs and Lhamaean poison; he hopes to forge alliances with both groups and take the Fractured Spiral for himself. He has named his new Kabal the Splintered Enigma to honour the Enigma Killers who trained him, and he hopes that one day, they will leave House Draeven to join him once more.



Kabal of the Splintered Enigma


Torturous Efficiency: +1 AP on an unmodified 6 to hit with ranged weapons

Merciless Razorkin: on an unmodified score of 6 to hit with a Splinter weapon, score an extra hit


Archon Ascendant, Sykil Draeven, 4 PL

Warlord Trait: Hatred Eternal (Reroll hits and Wounds) +1 RP

Relic: Parasite's Kiss +1 RP



The Death Sight Splinter (5 Kabalites + Venom = 7 PL)

Sybarite: Phantasm Grenade Launcher, Blast Pistol, Agoniser

Blaster x 2

Splinter Rifle x 2

Venom: 2 x Splinter Cannon, Chain Snares, Grizzly Trophies


The Harrow Shroud Splinter (5 Kabalites + Venom = 7 PL)

Sybarite: Phantasm Grenade Launcher, Blast Pistol, Agoniser

Blaster x 2

Splinter Rifle x 2

Venom: 2 x Splinter Cannon, Chain Snares, Grizzly Trophies


The Wailing Shadow Splinter (5 Kabalites + Venom = 7 PL)

Sybarite: Phantasm Grenade Launcher, Blast Pistol, Agoniser

Blaster x 2

Splinter Rifle x 2

Venom: 2 x Splinter Cannon, Chain Snares, Grizzly Trophies



Splinter Realm: The Fractured Spiral


To simplify things, I'm dropping the entire territory chart from the DE dex directly into the Fractured spiral as is, and just use the Ascendant Lord rules directly from the book, though Draeven will be able to choose to reclaim specific territories at critical moments rather than generate them randomly. Here are some of the notable territories within the Fractured Spiral:


Crimson Spine [Noble Spire] - Vypus the Pale's Citadel is located in this spire; it is occupied by a Keeper of Secrets known as Shasalyth and her personal retinue. Draeven hopes to take the citadel and use it as a base of operations; he suspects that it will hold treasures and secrets to assist with the reclaiming of other territories. One of the Kabalites in the Wailing Shadow Splinter has visited the Citadel before, so it is one location that Draeven can find without error.


Mesmoria [Arena] - This was the most prestigious of the Fractured Spiral's arena complexes. If any of the Spiral's Wyches have survived, this is where they are likely to gather. Draven hopes to make contact with Grendett the Bloodsister, a Hekatrix of the Cult of the Twisted Image. One of the Kabalites in the Harrow Shroud Spinter has visited Mesmoria before, so it's another location that Draven can find without error.


The Fractal Alembic [Toxin Distillery]: This distillery was the home of Selithrian Vexx, the Lhamaean master of Vypus the Pale's personal retinue. Draeven hopes to find her alive. One of the kabalites from the Death Sight Splinter has visited the distillery before; it is the final territory that Draeven can find without error.


There are two flocks of Scourges, two Incubi shrines and two gang territories occupied by survivors as well, but Draeven will have to find them.


The Shasalyth is aware of Draven's intrusion into her playground, and while she has staked her territory, her forces are likely to Harrow the Ascendant Lord every step of his journey.




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