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Epic Eldar list building. Some minor pointers appreciated

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So I finnaly started working on my Epic as I ran out of Vostroyans to paint and am awaiting the next order that should arrive in 2 weeks =/.

Did some research, 3-5k seems to be the norm. I knew before I read anything that I really, really would like to play Iyanden, so I was thrilled to find out there are actual Iyanden rules where you can use Wraithguard as your core unit.

Can someone give me some tips of what you would like to have in an Eldar army? I have some falcons, serpents, cobra's, scorpions, nightspinner, prisms, jetbikes and vypers lying nearby, I am just focussing atm on getting 2000 points of pure infantry on the table (so wraithlords shown are not counting)

From the snippets I could find I get this impression that Eldar rely heavily upon transports is this correct? 

Does this mean the general outlined playstyle is like a mechanised one? Is it viable to run some core wraithguard footslogging while deploying the aspect warriors with wave serpents? (I consider this to be fluffy) 

The thing that surprised me most is that Aspect warriors come in 4 bases, and you just mix whatever you feel like. This feels off to me, as aspect warriors in 40k are very role specific in what they can and should be doing on the field. For example, mixing Dark reapers with fire dragons in normal 40k terms would be hugely counter productive. Is this effect lessened with Epic? I just started working on finishing 4 bases of each aspect I have but I willl have some aspect bases left that cannot form a complete 4 man unit. Wondering if this might be a problem and I should aim to get my hands on some more to max out the units.


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