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Fall of the Sleepless Sons

Broken Throne Dreamwalkers AU

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As a little bit of a side project, I've started on the details of a small Badab-style campaign occurring past the events of of our equivalent to the Horus Heresy, revolving around the fall of some Loyalist descendants of the Dreamwalkers.


The Sleepless Sons
For several centuries the Sleepless Sons were an Astartes battlegroup of grim renown amongst the various polities of the reunited Imperium. One of those gene-lines that sworn to no wider allegiance or heritage amongst the Loyalist Legions, it’s moniker was a quite literal one, themselves having tampered with their geneseed and augmented their thralls so that they went eternally without sleep, and more importantly without dreams. Grim and seemingly perpetually on edge, they made it their business to hunt down and confront manifestations of the Dreamwalkers wherever they might arise, often resorting to excessive if effective measures in order to exterminate the threat. As a result of their vigour in battle and constant vigilance, their eccentricities were overlooked for many decades until fell rumours began to circle regarding the state of their homeworld. It seemed that in cooperation with the Mechanicum sects of the Efficiency Clades, they had forced their own condition upon the entirety of the planetary population through the application of lobotomisation augmentations and chemo-surgery.


With the amount of leeway given to the varying practices amongst the scattered and divergent planetary synods of the new Imperium, this itself might have passed without anything more than avowals of disgust had the same condition bega to reveal itself among members of the populace upon any planet a Sleepless Sons patrol might be stationed, or any world where they sought to drive back the depredations of mankind’s enemies. Cases of insanity and civil unrest became common in these instances, and upon several occasions the afflicted were put to death en masse. Attempts to assemble a local task force that would act to arrive above the Son’s homeworld in an act of censure, though hopefully without any real violence, fell apart once it became clear that their influence had spread far further than perceived. Manufactorum overseers had sought their aid in procuring a workforce that need never rest, nobles acquired sentries with vigilance unyielding, and isolated frontier worlds grasped at eny edge they could find to wield against the predators that closed around them.


The immediate result of this was the outbreak of a series of brushfire wars in the region before formal sanction could even be applied. Theocratic militants swarmed the polity to eliminate this heresy before it could be spread, and others came speaking of crimes against those under the Sleepless Son’s protection. Violence escalated as third parties sought to slake their own vendettas in the chaos, while a handful of forces honour-bound to aid the Sleepless Sons in battle for past services came to their aid. It was only with the arrival of a more unified and officially sanctioned retribution fleet that any real headway was made, and for years the Sleepless Sons would fight viciously to hold their aggressors at bay. The last of them would die fighting, while screaming about how theirs was the only way to kill “the king beyond the walls of sleep”.




Stage One Factions-


The Sleepless Sons:


    The Efficiency Clades
    The Clysok Magnatum (Mechanicum Experimenters)
    Erbarum Forge Moon


The Reavers of Akteus-  (Nomadic Ashen Claws style astartes, will remain aligned to the Sons throughout, but will not die with them.
The Geist-Wardens- (Astartes that owe the Sons for purging a Dreamwalker manifestation from their domain, submitted much of their own populace to sleeplessness. Loyal to the Sleepless Sons until the end. At the end of the war their home domain is razed without official sanction, and the survivors withdraw into the void.)
XXX- Honour bound to the Sons after a shared battle against an Ork Waagh. Stands down upon the arrival of the official sanction fleet.
XXX-  Honour bound to the Sons after a shared battle against a chaos incursion. Stands down upon the arrival of the official sanction fleet.
XXX-  Honour bound to the Sons after a shared battle against a [redacted/unknown]. Stands down upon the arrival of the official sanction fleet.


Various local system factions aligned with the sons. Not necessarily loyal to them, but forced after they are targeted by the unsanctioned retributions.
Rogue Trader House Percypes- Makes a tidy profit off shipping a sleepless workforce. Won’t stick around once the official retribution fleet arrive.
Blacktalon Mercenaries- Settling a grudge for someone else against one of the aggressors, unrelated to the actual conflict.
Xenos Mercenaries- Kroot and a handful of others contracted to defend a series of frontier worlds who took augmentation from the sons. Won’t stick around once the fleet proper arrives.



The Agressors:



The Kyronid Blademasters- recently reinforced by the sons during a Dreamwalker incursion. Did not appreciate the lobotomization of their subjects.
Heralds of Solstaren- Loyal to the Cardinal Guard polity, though they’re converts from another gene-line. Seeking to prove themselves by putting down the Sleepless Sons’ heresy, as well as any other they might find..

The Taghmata Optynne- Settling a grudge against the Clysok Magnatum, and also acting under operatives to steal as much tech as possible from Sons aligned Mech factions.
Werwilden tech-clans- Not true Mechanicum, but rather a vaguely aligned tech-clan opportunistically tech-looting.


Rogue Trader Houses seeking advantage.
XXX- A mortal faction exiled from the region before the Imperial reformation, now returning to try and reclaim what is theirs.
The Ironbraid Unity- A mortal polity hunting down the reavers of Akteus.
Also thinking of maybe throwing in the drop-bears somehow.


Stage 2 Aggressors (The officially assigned retribution fleet)
Cardinal Guard forces (Heresy + reining in the Heralds of Solstaren)
Suzerainty and Tricendium representatives.
A single ship from the Haarlock Dynasty
The ‘Mortis Forces’- a sort of inter-polity forlorn hope/penal force, astartes included.
Detachments from the fortress marches- intended to stabilise and garrison the area after the main conflict has concluded.
Titan Legio XXX
A force from one of the major Mechanicum factions (Mezoa? Ryza? Abyssii? Moscovy?)
Carnival of Dogs- (Solar Auxilia descendent void nomads)

Dreamwalker visitations
Xenos/renegade raiders
Representatives from a nascent black legion attempting to recruit the Sleepless Sons.

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