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Sculpting Face Mask Helmets

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Couldn't find a topic in the tutorials section, so here it is. One of the projects I've in mind is a Squat Hearthguard Command Squad for my Rymr 1st. My thinking is that I'd sculpt a Romanesque face mask like the following images onto Einherjar heads.


How would you sculptors go about this? 

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This looks like a nice project to start with sculpting, as the style is clean, sharp lines with little relief. I'd suggest that you start by gathering source material – find as many artworks or examples of norse/saxon-style masks that you like the look of. Look for simple, iconic shapes and marks; don't go for very elaborate knotwork at this stage.


With the source material close to hand, I'd lay a small ball of ProCreate or Brownstuff (less elastic than Greenstuff, they'll hold lines better and distort less) on the face, and gradually flatten it out into a shield shape on the face. If you only have Greenstuff, leave it to cure for a little while longer.


After a few minutes to allow the putty to cure a little, I'd carefully use the the blade of a sculpting tool (you could use hte tip of a fine screwdriver) to indent the surface. Work slowly, and a little at a time to reproduce a specific example from your source artwork.


Once you build up your confidence, move on to more complex shapes. Rinse, repeat and practise – that's really the key.

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