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2000 point sendoff for current codex (AM + Knights)

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Hi everyone - I'm giving our codex one last spin before the update lands later this month.  I typically use a combination of Admech partnered with Knights.  It's always hit my aesthetic nerve better than what I can build with a pure Admech force, even with the downsides of CP spend for two detachments.
I've chewed on the list a couple different ways and can't decide on the last Knight to include in the list.  Below are my fixed selections:
Mars AdMech Patrol
TP Dominus - Macrostubber/Volkite
      Mechanicus Locum: Monitor Malevolus
Skitarii Rangers x5 - 1 Alpha, 3 Rangers, 1 plasma
Skitarii Rangers x5 - 1 Alpha, 3 Rangers, 1 plasma
Skitarii Rangers x5 - 1 Alpha, 3 Rangers, 1 plasma
Servitors x4 - all servo arms
Servitors x4 - all servo arms
Skorpius Disintegrator - Belleros
Skorpius Disintegrator - Belleros
Archaeopter Stratoraptor
Krast Knight Super Heavy Detachment
Castellan - 2 seigebreaker cannons, 2 shield breaker missiles
     Warlord: Ion Bulwark
     Artefact: Cawl's Wrath
Armiger Warglaive
<Open Superheavy slot(s)>
Thoughts on what to include in the last slots):
Knight Warden w/Ironstorm missile pod (1st Knight/Headman's Mark)
Knight Styrix (Blessed by Sacristians: Volkite/Armor of Sainted Ion)
+1 Armiger Warglaive & 2 Armiger Helverins
The Knight Warden is a good all-rounder for whatever comes my way.
The Styrix is less damage output than the Warden, but has the ability to produce mortal wounds on 6's and is more durable than the Warden would be.
The additional Armigers give me a lot more board presence but with the Castellan the only Big Knight on the field, I'm worried it'll have every lascannon in the eastern hemisphere pointed at it.  With another knight on the field, it's more of a choice where they go.
Right now I'm leaning towards the Styrix.  The Warden gives me additional anti-tank and anti-infantry but I already have these covered with the Castellan, Stratoraptor, and Disintegrators.  The Styrix gives me a very tough, durable knight that can output mortal wounds if I get luckly with 6's, and it has an invulnerable save in combat.  The Armigers would be good to run all over the board, but they're fairly easy to take down if someone points Anti-Tank their way.
Thanks in advance & help me decide!

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