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Specialist Reinforcements

9th crusade Adeptus Custodes Custodes

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1) Is it possible to take this requisition multiple times?

2) Is it possible to take one Stratagem multiple times?


This may be stupid questions. I want to be sure though.


Specifically I want to know if I can set up a Custodes crusade force with two Shield-Captains that each have "Victor of the blood games"/"Captain Commander" stratagem.




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There is no wording RAW preventing you from using the same strat multiple times via this requisition, either on the same model or on multiple. It's an awkward result of the Custodes book being older than the new paradigm for 9th edition Codexes.


In my gaming group we've ruled that you can't use this more than you would be able to in Matched Play, so you can run as many Captain-Commanders as you want in your OoB but can't field more than one. But that's a house rule and not official GW. It just comes down to whether you want to allow the additional flexibility and fluff potential of the Crusade rules vs. the OP stuff that's possible without Matched Play restrictions.

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