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A Metallic Green Salamander

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It's been a while since I've been on B&C, and looking back at my album, things have moved on a bit (I've painted some models, and we actually have a Deathwatch codex)!  When I get time to build/paint models, they're usually for Deathwatch or Inquisition these days, but when I saw voidjord's lovely 30k Kill Team recently, I wanted to do one of those marines for myself.  Other than knowing he wouldn't fit with my Deathwatch I hadn't given much thought to which chapter he should hail from, until I saw an unfinished test-piece Inquisitorial Henchman model I'd been using to try out a greenish weathered brass at around the same time as I was lamenting the lack of love given to Salamanders.

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Has anyone else noticed that Salamanders are just negative versions of Ultramarines? See here for proof.

Bjorn Firewalker

Bjorn Firewalker


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The flames are well-paiy. The Tau skull at his feet is a GREAT touch. But the model should be photographed under better lighting, so we can appreciate the effort you put in his weapons'metallic surfaces.
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