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I like the Apocalypse

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(I realise there is an apocalypse section in the other games thread, but this is more general, honest!)


I really like playing apocalypse. It's fast (depending on the size of game, of course), efficient, simple - Epic for big toys. It's a shame it wasn't supported.


If and when 40k undergoes another sea change, like 2nd to 3rd and 7th to 8th, do you think such a system could be reworked well to fit the smaller scale, or would normal 40k lose it's nuance somewhat?


Apocalypse can be a bit....bland, I suppose, when running multiples of one unit...for instance things like plasma guns and power fists in your tactical squads don't exist, but the combined game turn, activating detachments, resolving damage last - all of that is pretty neat, IMO.


Apocalypse doesn't really cover units being damaged - your ten man squad might have 2 wounds then all 10 are removed - it doesn't ever have 7 guys in for instance - so I think for it to work you might have to have unit wounds and attacks, rather than model wounds (e.g, a guardsman squad would have 10 wounds and 10 attacks. When it suffers damage it loses 1 wound and 1 attack per model removed).

I think that aspect would be the trickiest bit to convert over to regular 40k, but the idea of issuing orders on a unit by unit basis, alternating activations and reacting to your opponent could be a fun tactical aspect of the game.



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The Blood Raven

The Blood Raven


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I still haven't had a chance to play with the current version of Apocalypse. It does sound like it would scratch my itch for where I prefer 40k rules-wise. I have several large legacy collections and the odd model that is best played at that scale. Would like to give it a go more than every 18-24 months.

I think the challenge the studio and gamers have is what it its relationship with 40K. Not to be underestimated is the logistics and time involvement of just moving lots of models. msn-wink.gif




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I think it’s a bit too streamlined to be ported into the main game. Too much would be lost IMO. I like that choosing a powerfist or power word makes a difference for example. I like that my models are individuals and not just a block to represent a unit.

That said I think there are elements of it that might be worth looking into as design principles, for example resolving damage at the end might be an interesting idea to lessen the impact of alpha strikes.
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I played modern Apocalypse twice, and I have no desire to return to it.

It definitely has a place as a way to put lots of models on the table in what I like to call "vanity games" but I don't care for it beyond that.

The rules should NOT be adopted into main 40k.

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I love apocalypse. I dislike 40k, it’s a mess of rules that make zero sense with weapons that so much of the same but juuust a little different. I’d love a small scale apoc to be ported to 40k. Just a bit more rules to apoc or less rules for 40k. Most importantly I like the different orders you can give and the activations instead of igougo. I think 40k is too detailed for what it island it takes too long. I don’t want to remember 10 million different little rules for my own army, let alone others. It’s annoying.
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