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The 44th Grand Company -The Return of Steve

iron warriors chaos army blog

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steve shields

steve shields


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  • Faction: Iron Warriors

So I think some of you might still remember me and the insane chaos horde I had amassed over the years. For those of you with sharp eyes sadly yes I said had. A failing marriage and the financial difficulties it brought on saw me sell my entire 40K collection minus Papa Nurgle, a Baneblade, and a couple infantry models that held special meaning to me. I focused more on Magic the Gathering for a while as it got me out of the house. I actually made it to the pro tour, not half bad for an escape. But this post isn't all grim dark, I have been slowly returning to the hobby over the past year of single life. I've built up a small army and even played about a dozen games. Undefeated baby! Looks like the rust didn't have too much time to settle in.


"But what is the point of this rambling?" I hear you ask. Well I actually plan to open my own game store at the start of next year specializing in Magic and Warhammer. So I should probably dive back into my favorite miniature game if I'm going to try and make a living off it. I want to have my army in fighting form by the time I open my doors, and build and paint up a couple small display armies of other factions as well. Bolter and Chainsword always was one of my biggest motivating factors to get models painted up and try out new techniques. So I have returned to chronicle the rebuilding of 44th Grand Company as I dive back into the deep and familiar waters of Chaos. 




Warsmith Osbert gazed across the battlefield thick with smoke from the still burning fires. They had won, but could anyone really call this a victory? The once mighty 44th had been devastated. Thousands of his brothers were dead, only enough to reform a couple squads remained in sight. All of his God Machines had gone critical, burning with the fury of dying stars, destined to walk no more. They had been betrayed by their once most stalwart of allies. The Black Legion. The 44th must have grown too large, too powerful, for Abaddon to allow them to coexist. Osbert silently thanked the Chaos Gods that the Despoiler had not deigned them worthy of his own presence this day. He vowed to make Abaddon regret this oversight as he strode off to marshal what forces yet lived. He had a forgeworld to reclaim, and God Machines to build. The Black Legion would know his fury.


All of the new models:


The Infantry:





The HQ's:





The Bikey Bois



I love the extra armor I found for this predator. I hope by the time I get some more I remember where I got it from



Although these guys got a rather hefty nerf I bought them because they had giant guns and I thought they looked cool to be honest haha



My only 2 Super Heavies left:




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The WarpGhost

The WarpGhost


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That's a nice looking army, the bases are very striking
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Glad to see you back Steve :D and with some very pretty Iron Warriors as well :) Look forward to see what else you add to your army ^^

Blood Angels 3rd Company 8th Edition - Won /Draw /Loss : 2/1/3




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good to see you back mate! especially with such a bang, looking great thus far, keep it up! 


I know how bad that is, letting go of an old army, except  i didnt get to sell mine lol 

Son of Sacrifice

Son of Sacrifice


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Looking great so far! Keep us posted on how the store opening goes, very interested to follow you on your journey.

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