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The Betrayed Phoenix: 9th Millenial, Emperor's Children

30k Horus heresy emperors children pre heresy age of darkness

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Brother Anar

Brother Anar


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"Milites! cur pugnamus?"
"nam Imperator populusque humanity!"
"filii Imperatore! mors inimicos eius!"
- Coms excerpt from 95th company during compliance of 1929-27. High Gothic was the standard battle tongue of the 9th Millennial.

"I am my father's son. His shadow weighs a ton"
- unknown Terran philosopher, 3rd millennium.

Chapter Master Karonghyontye stared out from the balcony, drinking in the views from the fortress monastery. His captains had left, the cheers and their acclaim still ringing in his ears, following his confirmation as the new master of the Red Eagles.

His reverie was broken by the polite cough of the Chief Librarian, standing in the shadows. He approached Karonghyontye and produced a stasis tube containing a battered, old book.
“Again, congratulations my lord. I’m afraid to puncture the moment of your ascension but I must divulge to you the true history of the chapter that you are to lead…”


In the closing decades of the Great Crusade the 1929th expedition was sent on a long term mission to achieve the compliance of Wagar's Reach. The reach was home to numerous advanced xeno species and lost human worlds. Such an undertaking required significant fleet, army and legion power including:
- 3rd Legion, 9th Millennial
- 8th Legion, 5th Chapter
- 13th Legion, 22nd Chapter
- and 15th Legion, 60th Company.

Warp unrest in Wagner’s Reach meant that the tumultuous Post-Ullanor events of the late crusade passed the 1929th by. Only upon it’s triumphant return to imperial space, did we become aware of the storm brewing in the galaxy.
- “The Betrayed Phoenix.” By Sergeant Ali Pasha 95th Company, 9th Millennial, 3rd Legion


Lord Commander Joseph Brant “The Red Eagle” was elected leader of the expedition. He was a Terran veteran of the Unification Wars, well regarded by our cousins of the other legions but less so by the Primarch. Brant’s assignment to the 1929th was a welcome exile from political foes like Lord Commander Primus Eidolon.


On the eve of our return to imperial space, 9th Millenial stood approximately 3000 strong in 4 battalions of 5 companies. 91st-100th and the 391-400th companies. We of the 95th were a veteran line company, unbroken by the horrors of the crusade; but the news of our legion’s betrayal shook us to the core.


Thus begins the third incarnation of this army. I've been playing since 2nd edition and got into heresy when the card game came out and we had no forgeworld models. The first version of this army was a cobbled together affair using the chaos codex. The second with actual rules, models and to completion.

And then came truescale. I'd been aware of the different methods for years and idly had a go one day. This may have been a mistake as now I'm retrofitting the whole 95th company.


My test model and new scheme after the KizzDoggs method. It's so shiny!

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Dark Legionnare

Dark Legionnare


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Oh man, I really dig the cape especially!  Lovely design. :)

9th Ed. "Star Phantoms" (SM, Primaris Units Only) - Record: W|1 D|0 L|0

9th Ed. "The Inexorable Demise" (DG) - Record: W|5 D|0 L|0
9th Ed. "The Dark Legion" (DKoK) - Record: W|2 D|0 L|0

9th Ed. "Adeptus Custodes" - Record: W|1 D|0 L|0
9th Ed. "Orkz" (Warboss Metul-'ead's Waaagh!) - Record: W|2 D|0 L|1

9th Ed. "Vlka Fenryka" (SM) - Record: W|3 D|0 L|0
9th Ed. "Crimson Fists" (SM, First-born Only) - Record: W|2 D|0 L|0

9th Ed. "Farsight Forward Scouting Force" (Farsight Enclaves, Tau) - Record: W|1 D|1 L|1

9th Ed. "Luna Wolves" - Record: W|1 D|0 L|1 (WIP, force mustering)  

30k.     "Luna Wolves" - Record: W|2 D|0 L|0 (WIP, force mustering)

Brother Anar

Brother Anar


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The fruits of the truescale efforts. Using the primaris as a base with heresy parts, and some greenstuff, produces some nice results.
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Brother Anar

Brother Anar


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Demi Squad Gadreel.

Fireteam 1 comprised of: Khan - Grenadier, Fabian - Gunner, Gadreel - Team lead and Vexillarius, Valoyne - Designated Marksman and Kafziel - Rifleman

Fireteam 2

3 months painting has come to fruition! I love how the purple has turned out.

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Brother Anar

Brother Anar


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As we progress back towards the emerging civil war I have begun a journal of the company's deeds and the men behind them. The Remembrancers only see our legends and reputation, under this war-plate lies a person; though we are honed for war there are flaws and virtues to each of us. This chronicle, depending upon the outcome of this mess, will either be proof to the "mortals" that we Astartes are more than just amorphous killers or be the only epitaph raised for our broken corpses. A testament to the lives given to build a future for humanity.
“The Betrayed Phoenix.” Sgt Ali Pasha - 95th Company, 9th Millennial, 3rd Legion


Fabian is a gregarious soul who led the way when we were embedded with the Vlka Fenryka. He became an honour brother with one of them and continues to be a source of optimism and morale to his comrades; All while gunning down swathes of the foe with plasma fire.


Vitedes is an experienced duellist; well regarded in the practice cages and at the Gathering of Swords.


Medicus Zadkiel hails from Chemos and is a skilled Gene Wright. Though young, his medical skills keep him in high esteem with the legion Apothecarion. His passion is the creation and breeding of birds.


Archadrios is as constant as the tides. He has been with the company since The Rebirth, is a skilled rifleman and possesses no ambition for anything else. His dedication is an example to us all.


Eagle-eyed Auram embodies the great versatility our legion is famed for. Be it tussling in the melee with his axe, or sniping from miles away.


Khan holds a particular loathing for the Orks. He favours a simple approach to them; his grenade launcher from a distance and then the power axe up close.


Valoyne the younger is nephew to his Tactical Squad's Sergeant. An illegitimate son of House Valoyne of Franc he is determined to win honour for himself in spite of the circumstances of his birth.


Genesse serves as a gunner for his fireteam due to his calm nerves and keen eye. While a simple man he has saved the lives of many through his steady application of gunfire.


Decanus Gadreel is second in command to Sergeant Valoyne and bears the Tactical Squad's colours. He boasts of jousting Exodite Eldar on one of their own dragons and few doubt his skill or bravery.


Kafziel I pity. He is one of the unfortunate new recruits yet to earn their wings; full of idealism for the crusade and the Emperor's vision for a new golden age. He will likely fight his maiden campaign against fellow Astartes, Throne help him.

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Brother Anar

Brother Anar


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IMG 6985
The next squad to near completion.
IMG 6984
The first and last time I do a harlequin pattern!

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Brother Anar

Brother Anar


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The campaign on 1929-27 marked the 6th of Luthris's time with the legion. Off the field, he has a polite manner and the naivete of his youth. When battle commences this is replaced by a mask of channelled fury.


Ho-Jin remains socially awkard around others whenever we are out of combat. His skill with a rifle is in no doubt and I believe he will transfer to a long range reconnaissance squad to join other like minded souls.


Legionary Bellephus is a son of Hellas and Mother Earth. He needs little encouragement to put down the bolter break out the Bouzouki. He strives to master the instrument. The quicker he achieves this the better for his amateurish playing is comparable to psychological warfare!


Quincanus Palos is a linguistics expert, both of humans tongues and some xeno. His time with the Iron Warriors caused some of their attitudes to rub off as he remains cool as ice under fire.


I have little direct dealings with Mao. He is only recently raised to the legion but already shows some promise. If he survives, maybe I will have more to say.


Ambriel is a signifier and carries the battle record of the squad on his back. Their deeds and campaigns stitched in minute detail. He is proud of his role and has an extensive collection of old oaths of the moment in his quarters.


Decimus has picked up some of the peculiarities of the 9th Millenial in comparison to the rest of our legion. Early in our history, Lord Commander Brant skinned an Ork warboss on a whim and made it into a battle cloak. Decimus followed continues this tradition by wearing gloves cut from the first Ork Nob he slew.


Varius was awarded the Iron Skull for his leadership when Quincanus Palos was incapacitated. He took command and successfully lead the fireteam for the rest of the battle. He will probably be given his own squad to lead in the future.


Nero took a mauling on 1929-27 and his armour still requires repair. He wears a temporary hybrid suit until such time as the expedition can reach a Forge World. An Italia native, Nero is a skilled joiner and a marvel to watch at work.


Sergeant Francois Valoyne joined the legion as part of a tithe from the noble houses of Franc soon after The Rebirth. He is cool and composed under fire and an inspiration to his subordinates, in keeping with the traditions of the 3rd Legion. I treasure our friendship and his sage advice helped allay my fears when we learned of Horus's treachery.

- “The Betrayed Phoenix.” By Sergeant Ali Pasha 95th Company, 9th Millennial, 3rd Legion

Fireteam 1

Fireteam 2

Demi Squad Valoyne


Tactical Squad Valoyne in all it's purple glory! It's only taken 6 months. HQ choice time.

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I love the little notes on each individual. Did Decimus take the ork's gloves, or skin the ork and make gloves? I guess from the green colour it was the latter!




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The Idea to give everyone a name plate is so great.

Bring back Psycho Dad!

Brother Anar

Brother Anar


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Almost finished an HQ choice in regular and terminator armour. Much better pictures to follow.
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