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TTS take all comers 2000pts

TTS astra militarum army list

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Commisar Necros

Commisar Necros


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Just like it sounds, I want to make a 2k list I can just pick up and play when I get some time.


Plan A is pretty simple. Sentinels rush the objectives, infantry behind. Mortars and basilisk give fire support. Snipers fill in the gaps to help deter deep strikers, flyers go tank hunting. The russ can either push a flank or give cover to an advance as needed. Keep the psykers in the middle of the advance to protect the push against enemies and put some mortal wounds on.



Plan B is go a bit cheeky. Tank commanders and basilisk hold back line. Demolishers push one flank with the vultures supporting. The tempestors drop in on objectives and hold them while the vultures and russ move on. Would it be better to swap the two vultures for 3 Valkyrie? What about ditching the scions? It would only afford another tank if I swap them and the valks, or 3 more dropping the whole detachment. It could open up to get some sentinels to grab objectives too, but thats the same job as the tempestus. Ive never used them so advice is welcome.




I lean towards option B. A seems like my current army and TTS is an option to get something different. Would that list have a shot or stick with plan A?

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