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New list, old player. FS + custom sept 2k

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Because I need a new project(like I need a new hole in my head) I decided to work on my Tau. I already have a large enough contingent of infantry painted and done + transports and tanks built. Going to add some other odds and ends. Tired of painting marines for my three marine armies for the time being and my endless Guard praetorian slog continues at  a squad every two weeks or so. I haven't played tau since 5th edition so I am a bit rusty. I am intentionally not going heavy on crisis.


Combat Patrol 


Cold Star-Precision Hunter, 3 Fusion Blasters, Shield Generator


Breacher Team


Crisis Bodyguards x6

2 with 3 AFPs + Irridium

2 with 2 AFPs + Shield generators

2 With 3 Fusion Blasters

+2 Shield drones

+4 Marker Drones

Prototype Gear: Reactive Counter Measures


Spearhead Detachment

Custom sept with hardened warheads, +Up gunnned


Cadre Fireblade- warlord- through unity devastation(walks with broadsides)


Breachers x5

Strike Team x5


Hazard Battle suits x3 with burst cannons and ATS + 2 Shield drones


2 hammerhead Gunships with Ion and burst cannons

3 Broadsides heavy rail rifles, SMS, Shield Gens. Prototype gear Magna Rail Rifles

  +4 Shield drones


2 Devilfish with SMS


If I continue with this army I might push for a more stealthy tricksy army in the future. My army attention span is usually only about 4 weeks or so though so that might be a year or two down the line.


edit: for the record, this was originally put in the lists section, not entirely sure how it ended up here.

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Yes, I am here all the time because this is the last 40k forum I can access from work. You would think they wanted me to do work or something....

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