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IL II - Crimson Lions

Alternate Heresy Five Ruins Brotherhood of the Lost

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Crimson Lions


“Barbarians. Backwards brutes with no understanding of science and technology, clinging to superstition rather than embrace the modern age. Yet for all that, they are dangerous brutes and loyal in ways that put us all to shame. So do I fear the Second? I'd be a fool if I didn't.”

- Absalom Vaughn, Primarch of the Black Stars


Numeration: The IInd Legion


Primogenitor: Hectarion Mycenor


Cognomen (Prior): Blood Wolves


Observed Strategic Tendencies: Heavy Infantry Assaults, Defensive Shieldwalls


Noteworthy Domains: Mycenae (Primary), the Dominion of Mycenae


Allegiance: Fidelitas Constantus


Warriors of rage yet of shields, the Crimson Lions stand tall among their cousins, both literally and metaphorically. For when the Crimson Lions appear on the battlefield, it is always with a roar, always advancing behind their shield walls. Yet, within their Primarch's empire of Mycenae, the Crimson Lions have shown the discipline and patience necessary for administration. Each Crimson Lion marches forward into battle with the history of his service on his skin as they add tattoos to represent their growing records of service with their veterans covered from head to toe in red pictograms. At the head of this legion of clans is Hectarion, a Primarch of warrior's prowess and berserker's rage. That very rage would become a temptation as their enemies sought to use it against them.



Crimson Lions Legionary




  • 219 posts


Legion Armorial with Crimson Lions iconography

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