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My 25 PL Crusade Force

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  • Faction: Sisters of Battle

It will be a while before I can build this- many of the models I need aren't available, but I just got the dex, and I wanted to build a list of models I like. It isn't optimized at all- my force is likely to remain small, though I do have a plan for growth.


I wanted both Cult Mechanicus and Skitarii units in my Crusade right from the get go; as the army grows, each of these forces may eventually form their own detachments, but for now they have to share command.


Cult Mechanicus Units:


Techno Archeologist 3 PL

     - picked this HQ because I already have the model

3 Kataphron Breachers w Torsion Cannons 6 PL

     - love Kataphrons and needed cult mechanicus troops

     - chose torsion cannons to smash vehicles so I can scavenge parts

4 Servitors (Heavy Bolter x 2) 2 PL

     - I will buy the techmarine/ servitor combo pack, so load out is fixed by models

     - essentially ablative wounds for the HQ; they'll stick to him for the buffs too

5 Corpuscarii Electro-priests 3 PL

     - I actually have a mild preference for the look of Fulgurites, but melle only in a force this small is a liability



Skitarii Units:


Skitarii Marshal 3 PL

10 Skitarii Vanguard w data tether, arc rifle, plasma caliver 4 PL

     - the Skitarii troops; didn't want heavy weapons

5 Sicarian Ruststalkers 4 PL

     - love these even more than Kataphrons


Total: 25 PL

Cost: $328 CAD


Growth plan for Cult Mechanicus: 3 more Breachers, Robots w Datasmith

Growth Plan for Skitarii: 3 Ironstrider Ballastarii (joining one at a time); 2 more units of rangers


For a Forgeworld, I chose Agripinaa, given my fixation with Kataphrons.

As for my starting RP:


Cult Mechanicus Requisitions:

- Technoarcheologist: Relic: The Eye of Xi-Lexum (1 RP)

- Specialist Requisition: Indentured Machines (1 RP)


Skitarii Requisitions:

-  Alpha HQ: Warlord Trait: Multitasking Cortex (1 RP)

-  Vanguard Alpha: Specialist Requisition: Artefactotum (1 RP) + Relic: The Skull of Elder Nikola (1 RP)


The Story: Our Technoarcheologist will be deployed to the Desdaemona System upon its rediscovery by the Imperium to recover lost technology left by the original explorator fleets that discovered the system. His Kataphron minions are specialized vehicle hunters to assist with the recovery of technology. Because he is tasked with the acquisition of Tech, he chose this particular Skitarii team to support recovery efforts. The entire Patrol was essentially purpose built to achieve the tech scavengers agenda.

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Son of Sacrifice

Son of Sacrifice


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Very cool thematic force. I'm also starting a Combat Patrol force. I'm planning on 20 skitarii and a blob of kataphrons to provide the bulk, although I'm also very tempted by Sicarians.




  • 1,421 posts
  • Location:Ontario, Canada
  • Faction: Sisters of Battle

I like the theme I've laid down, but it is a risk- if I come up against an army without vehicles, I'll have to do some quick thinking to swap agendas. Writing out their specific fluff and getting a handle for who they are as an army will help. Once they get to the Desdaemona system, they will be working closely with sisters... And eventually guard.


The big blocks of 20 Skitarii intrigue me too, but it will be a while before I get there.

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