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Charging, falling back and initiative

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I played my first games of Kill Team last night and I can only think I've missed something.


Tyranids vs SM, Tyranids have the Initiative for the turn, genestealer in base contact with a marine after charging the previous turn.


as the nids have the initiative, the genestealer moves before the marine, but he is in base contact so doesn't move.

the marine player then gets to move so he falls that marine back, leaving my previously engaged model out in the open.

I understand that the fall back guy can't shoot, but all of his other models can.


If the marine player had the initiative and fell back, then I could have charged, so where is my advantage?


What've I missed and/or done wrong?





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The Genestealer couldn't have charged in the second scenario unless you're from Hive Fleet Kraken, who are able to charge even if they were engaged at the start of the movement phase.

If you don't have such an ability, you have two options;

1) Charge the engaged enemy with a 2nd model, to prevent them from falling back (Using a CP to move first if you need to)

2) Surround the enemy, such that they can't end their fall back out of engagement. This latter one isn't very practical unless you outnumber a slow enemy, though.

But yeah, starting your turn engaged is far from ideal unless you're one of a few subfactions.
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I think this is a deliberate part of the rules in order to balance the game. On small tables on some missions you can end up in combat fast. If you have a shooty army you often can’t shoot because the enemy have got you in close combat. So going second can be an advantage, fall back - but only helpful if you have backed up with another team member who can shoot.

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