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Lenoch Does Some Scratchbuilding!

Daimyo-Phaeron Lenoch Scratchbuild terrain

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Daimyo-Phaeron Lenoch

Daimyo-Phaeron Lenoch


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Hello, everyone! Been a looong time since I posted in the WIP section of the board -- I'm not too good about sticking to regular updates at all, but a speciifc project should be doable for me, I think. I hope. But you all know what they say about hope.... :P


Anyway, in the last couple months I came into possession of the Third Edition space marine codex, grabbed for seven bucks and change at a half price books, purely for historical reasons, since it's kind of useless to me game wise as I've never played any edition earlier than sixth and never read a rulebook earlier than fifth. In it, I saw the brief 'hey here's how to scratch build a watchtower' blurb and I thought, 'Hey, that's kinda cool. I should do that at some point!'


Then, a few weeks ago, I came across another old book--The Games Workshop How to Make Wargames Terrain, for eight and change at, again, HPB. Not exactly sure which edition it is, because the cover doesn't match the one referenced in the marine 'dex, but still chock-full of great stuff that I plan to use.


Now, I have a painting competition I'm currently participating in, and the organizer has approved the use of a small terrain piece to enhance the entry (which will hopefully get me out of basing a couple of my models, or at least the fact that they're coming from different parts of my army that will need to be based separately). So I thought, why not build one myself? Inspired by the watchtower in the SM codex, I mocked up a very rough draft for what I want it to be: A corrugated iron watchtower and gate, and little tiny battlements.





Anything with a squiggle drawn in it is a solid piece, though I do plan on having a couple 'reinforced' aspects that are just the boxes on the drawing. The gaps in the watchtower are a firing port and the gap between the tower's battlement and roof.


The next step is going to be dimensions, and maybe a bit more drafting, since I haven't done a lot with that yet. After that it'll be materials acquisition; thankfully I already have a cardboard box or two to cannibalize so I'll just need plasticard for the battlements, door, gate latch, and ladder.


Does anyone have any tips for gluing cardboard together? My first thought is a hot glue gun but I don't think I'm allowed one in my current living quarters and I don't know if there are hobby shops that have them for free use--maybe a library might have some. Would superglue work?


Anyway, I'll try and post here to keep people updated--please feel free to guilt me if I leave this untouched for a bit, since I'd hate to disappoint anyone (as a matter of fact that's largely how I pushed through my ETL's, not wanting to disappoint my subforum!).

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I could very much be mistaken but I think you'd be better off using PVA glue rather than superglue for cardboard. Though yes, ideally, access to hot glue would be ideal if you have one nearby.
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Not sure if I ever got that terrain book. I think it was 2nd/3rd edition. I know I have the how to paint citadel minatures book from around the same time and have most of the 2d/3rd edition codexs rattling around somewhere.


For your build, superglue will work to glue card but points to note:

- It will stick very fast so you need to be pretty exact when sticking things together

- It will generate some heat. Not an issue but so you are aware, enough you'll notice it through card as you hold it

- It wont take a lot to stick card together but you will get through glue very vey fast. By contrast, not using a lot puts a lot of pressure on joins so they may tear apart more easily (the actual card under the glue rip[ping off vs the glue breaking)


Also, if you end up with any styrofoam in the build, dont use superglue - it will melt it. PVA all the way here. Also, PVA and water to seal it ahead of painting, especially if using rattlecans as they'll do the same thing.

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Brother Carpenter

Brother Carpenter


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Also, if you end up with any styrofoam in the build, dont use superglue - it will melt it. PVA all the way here. Also, PVA and water to seal it ahead of painting, especially if using rattlecans as they'll do the same thing.

unless your aim is to create rough looking hardrock (totally by accident, but it looks cool as hell).

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