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Anyone using Horticulous?

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Plague _Lord

Plague _Lord


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As in the topic.

I have the model and would like to use him but have no experience.



- quite tanky

- can put your gnarltree further up

- nice buffs to beasts



- no psychic

- slow

- only buffs 1 unit

- swingy damage


Has anyone had any experience with him/ a BoN blob?



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I love the model, and he is very good for BoN. But like you say his damage can be swingy, although I read a Goonhammer article a while back saying he was able use his attack characteristic with Mulch’s profile, which I’m unsure of is legal. He used to be a great contender for the “While we stand we fight” secondary, but with the change that’s fallen off.

He’s done good work for me In the past though, when he’s accompanying beasts he can be the one to finish units off that the beasts have softened up.

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