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+ Some Things Are Best Left Forgotten +

warofthefalseprimarch somethingsarebestleftforgotten

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  • Faction: Ultramarines: The Praetors of Calth

... and collecting all the Kill Teams above (and more) together, is an article on The Sorrowful Years


If you've been interested in the project, but haven't known where to begin or how to get involved, the article shows Kill Teams of all the key Chapters involved – colours, icons and more.


Far too many to show off here, so I'll restrict myself to my own meagre contribution: the Silver Stars!



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+Death of a Rubricist+

My blog

The Alien Wars – Blood Angels in the Nova Terra Interregnum | May You Live Forever – A narrative Iron Hands blog

Officio Monstrosa – Iron Warriors during the siege of Terra | The Praetors of Calth – Ultramarines from Crusade to Scouring




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Warzone: Forbearance (warofthefalseprimarch.blogspot.com)

[//Flesh Eaters plant one their infamous 'warding flags' in Qabar Kas; simple but highly visual marks that nowhere in Partisan space was truly safe from the reach of the High Lords of Terra. +]



Update from the front: Looris (warofthefalseprimarch.blogspot.com)

‘What becomes of a trash picker when you hand them a weapon and tell them they’ve been given a divine purpose?'




Scarlet-handed, gilded-arm: the Star Wardens (warofthefalseprimarch.blogspot.com)

In te mihi complacui



Warzone: Dardanus (warofthefalseprimarch.blogspot.com)

'Forget the promise of progress and understanding.'



Index Astartes: Star Wardens (warofthefalseprimarch.blogspot.com)

'How could we not serve him? You wouldn't know, Inquisitor. We are gene-forged. His presence makes our hearts sing.'

'Your question betrays your ignorance. We could deny our fealty to him with the same ease that you could deny the stars in the firmament, or the soil beneath your feet.'

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