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Ravenwing flies again

Ravenwing Crusade Speeders

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Well my Ravenwing is back to its old shenanigans.  Now with Crusade rules.



Tornado Squadron 1 - 3 AC, 2 HB, 1 MM

Tornado Squadron 2 - 3 AC, 2 HB, 1 MM

Typhoon Squadron - 3 TML, 3 HB


50 power.


I haven't picked up the new points book yet, so I don't know the current points.


First game was against Tau.  He said it was a Farsight faction.


Coldstar Commander + Drone

1 Breacher Team - 10 + Big Drone

1 Pathfinder Team - 10 w/ 3 Rail Rifles

3 Broadsides


Tidewall - Shieldline & Defense Platform


It was nice to see the shield wall in action, I think it is such a cool feature of the Tau to have a relatively large amount of terrain for a non-imperial army.  And their terrain actually moves and is useful to the army.  It was also nice to see at Tau army that wasn't 3 Commanders, an F-Ton of Drones, and the minimum amount of Fire Warriors to make the army legal.


His Coldstar was in kept in Reserves, everything else deployed, the Pathfinders in the Defense Platform.  I deployed everything.


I went first.  Wiped his Broadsides out, had enough shots left over to damage the Hammerhead.  His turn, the hammer head kills a speeder from the first Tornado squadron.


Second Turn, the Hammerhead and Breacher team are destroyed.  His turn, the Coldstar comes in, he does some damage with both units but not enough to kill a speeder.


Third Turn, Coldstar dies, and destroyed the Shieldline, the unit with the damaged speeder flew off to work on the objective. His turn, the speeder unit he damaged in the previous turn is now out of range, so the little damage he is able to do is to full health speeders, and not enough to see one off.


Fourth turn, the Defense Platform and the Pathfinder Team are killed.


Fifth Turn, the damaged speeder unit completes the mission and I win on VP.


THOUGHTS - I think he should have put both infantry units in the Tidewall, since they are treated as embarked on an open-topped transport, they can shoot me, but I can't shoot them until I destroy the Tidewall.  The mission was I had to leave his side of the table and he had to leave mine.  Units that fly and vehicles require 2 turns to complete the action, everything else can do it in one.  So both of his infantry units could do it in 1 turn, but his commander and everything I had required 2 turns.  His commander was the only unit that got close, but he also parked his commander next to my Typhoon Squadron.  I think if he booked it up the board with his Tidewall and used everything else to run defense.  He could have made it difficult for me to deal with everything pushing forward together.  Also with the Tidewall advancing every turn, 2 units of Breachers would have made more sense than the pathfinders, because with assault weapons he could still be shooting.


The only rule I remembered to use was JINK.  I completely forgot to use any of my other rules, including doctrines turn 1.  So I went home and made a cheat sheet, for Game 2.

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Awesome to see your speeders back in action! Can’t wait to see how your crusade campaign develops

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It'll be interesting to see the army develop battle honours etc. When we've got more of a handle on 9th my group are going to delve into Crusade.


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