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Hiding and Unhiding Categories

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Brother Tyler

Brother Tyler


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One of the things that you can do to make your browsing easier is to hide categories that you do not visit. Categories can be unhidden if you ever want to visit the forums therein. Hiding a category won't prevent you from following a link to that forum.

For example, here's what the site looks like normally (click the images to see full size versions):


For our example, we'll hide the Adeptus Astartes category. If you want to hide a category, the first step is hold your mouse over the far right of the category header, as below.


When the mouse is positioned over the correct spot, the toggle icon will appear ("-" if the category is currently showing, "+" if the category is currently hidden). A small text box will also appear temporarily spelling out that you want to toggle that category (it doesn't show up in screenshots).

If you click the toggle icon, the category will be hidden.


The hidden category header will still show, but it will be faded and all of the forums within will be hidden, allowing you to more easily scroll past any categories you don't visit regularly.

If you want a hidden category to show, simply move the mouse over the far right end of the header to see the toggle icon.


As before, a text box will appear giving you the option to toggle the hidden category. If you click the icon, the hidden category will reappear with all of its forums.


You can hide as many categories as you want.
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