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Custodes Dread Host @ 2k pts

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I'm debating getting some custodes. The low model count of the army is very, VERY appealing. Here is the list I'm thinking of using.



Shield Cap in Terminator Armor - Warlord (All-Seeing Annihilator) and Axe

Shield Cap on Grav Bike - Auric Aquilas, Cap-Commander (Indomitable Constitution), and Ten Thousand Heroes (Superior Creation)


Custodians x6 - Board and Sword

Sagittarum x3 - Misericordia x3

Sagittarum x3 - Misericordia x3


Aquilon Custodes x6 - Solerite Power Gauntlets and Lastrum Storm Bolters

Vexilius Praetor - Magnifica and Spear

Fast Attack-

Praetors x6 - Hurricane Bolters


I imagine the force working in three groups. Terminators deep strike in and wreck stuff. Bike zoom up and wreck stuff. Infantry moves onto objectives and wrecks anything that comes near them, with the board guys moving to the farthest objective reasonable, since they're tough enough to survive the journey. I'm debating giving the Termi Cap the special bodyguard plate. That way, when the bike cap gets into melee, the termi cap will be able to teleport over and give out All-Seeing Annihilator to the bikes. It is probably a silly idea but fun sounding.

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-Book of Cain - Chapter IV, Verse XXI

"I think you really need to be a guard player in order to have that kind of attitude about casualties. My forces were killed to a man for slight strategic gain? All I heard was a buzzing noise until that part about strategic gain."
-Ailarian, Hand of the Kind XXXI


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