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Odd text in new thread...?

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Karack Blackstone

Karack Blackstone


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Hi, just making a post, about to link my thread that has some odd text appearing in it for some reason...




Where's the xenos races and further stuff coming from?




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It look likes you've stumbled into some board coding. Give it an edit, and it should be fine :tu:

gallery_48988_15465_50871.pnggallery_48988_6285_19365.pnggallery_48988_15465_13594.png sml_gallery_48988_15094_4327.pngsml_gallery_48988_16045_3749.png sml_gallery_48988_16045_1076.png sml_gallery_48988_16053_7077.png gallery_48988_10069_385.png

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Without seeing what was there I can't say any more, I'm guessing it was some BBCode in which case it was likely from some erronous clicks or a quoted post gone awry. It is possible that it was the result of a local issue for example if your device is overly busy/struggling it may not be rendering text changes for you correctly. With a simple solution it's probably nothing to worry about but if it happens again let us know the details and we can look into it :tu:

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