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List of ITC tournament organisers

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G'day fellow Australian-based 40k player!


So, I have been frustrated at my inability to easily locate 40k ITC events. I've found they are scattered over facbook (events, groups, pages), stores, websites, clubs, down under pairings and other mediums. So, instead of having a fit whinge about the averageness of the ease of accessibility of events listings, I thought: why not collaborate with other 40k fans in Australia and make a 1-stop list of events, organisers and entities complete with links?


So, I'll kick things off :)



  1.  Canberra Games Society: organises the WinterCon and CanCon tournaments. They also have regular (weekly) pick-up game nights. 
  2. Jolt Games: hosts regular (non-ITC) league events, but also regularly hosts RTT and other ITC events. They also have a 40k facebook group where events are the store are posted. 
  3. Australian Defence Force Wargaming Association: run events in Canberra (.e.g. HeroCon), but also Brisbane and elsewhere in Australia

Regional NSW

  1. Goulburn: NerdStar Games run a regular series of 40k ITC tournaments
  2. Newcastle: the Down Under 40k group run regular 40k ITC events in the Newcastle area
  3. Good Games Maitland: regularly host 40K ITC events.
  4. Orange: in addition to having great wine, Orange hosts the Battle in the Bush: Warhammer 40k ITC tournament series. Run by Friday Night Gaming group.


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