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Where to start with Skitarii?


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So, I'm just thinking of starting to get in to the Adeptus Mechanicus focusing more on the Skitarii side of things.


What would be a good way to start developing one's collection?


Also what would one likely want to work with Kill Team?  I know the specific new Kill Team information isn't out yet, but some of it will likely be influenced by what is available now.

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Skitarii core troops are pretty easy to get your hands on and you will want a healthy number, then we got sydonian knights ( of both flavours) great minis and points but the $$$ price tag is... less then great. Some flavour of sicarians to add some choppy and a hq be it skitarii marshal who is both great rules wise but also super easy to convert or a tech priest of some flavour. Add in a transport and a dunewalker or two and you got yourself an army. After that we you can look at the riders or the pteraxii to expand your collection, tho again the $ to point ratio makes then not great to start with. 


Personally i would go with 3x box of skitarii, 1x dune walker, 1x sicarans, 2x dragoons as a solid all around start. 

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