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Competitive New Orks

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Not much of a competitive player myself (mostly beer & pretzel warhammer with friends) but I like to list craft/theorize lists. Here's what I'm thinking could be what a completive tourney list might look like but would love to hear your thoughts


Blood Axe Outrider (a little added protection for some midfield units but really it's the fall back and still charge or shoot keeps these elements able to do damage)

Boss on Squigosaur

2 x 3 deff koptas

3 individual squig buggies

740 pts


Deathskulls Vanguard (all obsec all the time, 6 units w/ obsec 5 of which have unique deployment options)

Boss on Squigosaur

10x gretchin (orrible gits)

2x5 kommandos (no upgrades)

1x10 kommandos (klaw & bomb squig)

2x5 stormboyz (no upgrades)

515 pts


Goffs Patrol (main push threat/choppy elements)

Boss on Squigosaur

2x10 snagga boyz (ride in kill rigs)

2x kill rigs

745 pts


total: 2,000 on the nose


The great thing with this list is you could honestly make any of the squig bosses the warlord, blood axe one could make for some sneaky plays/cp regen, deathskulls doesn't get you much, while goffs just allow a few more offensive strats (i'd probably pick goffs). This list has a lot of board control, damage at range, fast moving units/deployment shenanigans to play the objectives, and a huge push threat on top of 3 super killy characters.


Anyway enough rambling from me, what are your thoughts on a list like this and how competitive do you think it would be?

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Making the Goff the Warlord would also refund 2cp, since he's in the patrol. But it's definitely worth picked up two Big Boss stratagems for the other two, as there's a great selection of Warlord traits available (the Blood Axe one, Brutal but Kunnin, numbers 1 and 3 on the beast snagga list, 'Ard as Nails).


This is right in line with what I'm expecting to see at top tables. Lots of new stuff that is great for its points, with enough tools in the toolbox to complete a number of secondaries. It seems solid.




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I like the list but are your choppy units good enough, i dont think S5 T5 snagga boys are good enough, you may want to run them with the beast medic to give them some survivability. Youll end up spending 2CP a turn on Morale. 


Did you consider taking some Meganobz in trucks having truk boys on them, As they lose the klan kulture Meganobz are still viable without needing a kulture. Double kill saws on the Waagh is still many high strength, high ap attacks with a T5 2+ sv.. Sit a truk with fortress at the back with 5 eganobz trukk boys inside for a fast deploying counter attack to take back an objective when needed. 


Keep us posted on how it goes. 




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It's a little all over the place and CP heavy for my liking. I would combine the two 5man commando units from the deathskulls detachment and make it a patrol for starters. I don't think the storm boys really need to be obsec, it seems like you are running them with the intention of using them for ROD, in which case they drop down, ROD and then die. So I would move them to the Goff patrol.

And running that few buggies it's less important to make them blood axes, so I would combine two of them into a squad and move them over to the deathskulls detachment(works best with dragstas). I would throw your solo buggy in there as well, this will leave room to make your blood axe detachment a patrol. Which is done by moving one kill rig and snagga boys into the blood axe detachment.

That makes your CP usage go down to 4, from 6-8, and still let's you spam squigosaurs, but now you will have the CP to give them all WL traits and relics if you want(or your kill rigs even), and you do want.




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When I consider how to make a list that is most efficient (competitive) I look to lean heavily into the clan culture and find units which will benefit the most from the passive ability. Do I have any way to increase efficiency with auras, abilities and strats.


I identify which secondary objectives are the best choice right now and how can my list achieve them

How can I take and hold the primary objectives


So lets consider some klans


Blood axes.


They have the ability to FB and shoot – so you look for two types of unit.

  1. A unit that can shoot well, get into melee to try and avoid being shot at in opponents shooting phase then pull out next turn and shoot again.
  2. A unit that can get into combat and do some serious melee damage then take a hit and next turn charge in and repeat the melee damage.  

You also get the added bonus of being able to hide more units and take units off the table and chuck them back in when needed. This really benefits going second and playing on tables with less terrain.


Units that this benefits are


Skrapjets who can do a tonne of shooting, reliable charges with ramming speed, good melee and then FB and shoot again or charge with ramming speed for more MWs.


Meganobs – Can do shooting if rockets, then charge in, do some serious melee, take a pounding due to 2+ Sv and then FB and charge again.


Squigasaur – It’s a beast, charges for days, melee out the wazoo


Squigbuggies – They already hit on 4s with the HSL and if they get charge by somone trying to shut them down they can reverse out and shoot again.


Units of beast snagga squig boys on Squigs – Fast, good in melee, then FB and charge again.


The passive ability here is that once you kill an enemy unit, for the rest of the phase your army gets +1 to hit.

  1. I consider which units can get me the kill and which units benefit most from the plus 1 to hit
  2. I think when to call the S Waagh as this will be how this army works. Its an alpha strike with fast moving units to deal enough in turn 1 and 2 to take out your opponents Obsec and heavy hitters.

Get the Kill


Squig Buggies – Already having the plus 1 from the grot manning the HSL , they don’t benefit from the plus 1 unless they are getting a -1 somehow. Use these in squads of 2 to get those out of LOS 36” shots S5, -3 (S Waagh)


Dakka Jets – Give 1 the Extra Dakka KJ and in the “S Waagh” they have 6x8 shots. That’s 48 sots, hitting on 5s, S6, -2, 1D. Now that’s plenty to take out most weak infantry units. Most efficient as 1 Damage and -2AP


Kannon Wagon (FW) – Has a 2D6 Cannon already getting a +1. That’s 170pts and you get 3 big shooters for free.

Once you get the kill  you then can throw the rest of the firepower in. Another Dakka Jet, 3 x Skrap jets, Kannon Wagon, Deff Dreads with KMBs and Rockets.



The Good Old Infantry Obsec and a free re roll for a H/W and a bonus of FNP for MWs.

This is your primary and secondary grabber utility clan.

  1. You fill this detachment with Kommandos, Meganobz, Stormboyz , headed up with a Boss in Mega armour with Krushin armour for that 1+ sv and MW on the charge or Cybork body for FNP.

Forward deploy your commandos into cover a distance away from an objective or into a table quarter where they can score ROD, Stranglehold, Engage,

Keep your stormboys off the table in the sky and drop them in on Objectives, behind cover so again you can steal objectives, score ROD, Engage, Line breaker stranglehold etc.

Meganobz in a trukk which moves up sits on objective in a T6, 10W (forktress cage) then get em’ out and take an objective or charge an objective, chances are they will deplete the enemy and take the point.


Specialist Mobs


Trukk Boyz – Great for Meganobz – These guys don’t need a klan culture to be good. M5, Advance and charge in the Waagh, S10 with Klaws and Saws, would benefit from a warboss aura however to get em back to 3+WS. Buff them with Hit em Harder. Can use Tide of Muscle to make sure they can get in. Tonnes of attacks, lots of AP and a 2+ sv in return.


Orible Gitz – Great for a unit of Grots at the back away from your other units. Also good when launched up field to take an objective.




With a mixture of these Klans you should have al the bases covered.

Freebooters – Your shooting Alpha Strike and resilient fast primary objective grabbers.

Bloodaxes – Your sneaky, cant hit me, oops im in your back field, im charging and shooting and charging ploys

Deathskulls – Nab your objective and score your secondaries.


Extra Tips from Tournament and league play

Ask loads of relevant questions ;

  • So you have out of LOS shooting.
  • Who can advance and shoot/advance and charge
  • Can you make me fight last or fight first
  • Can you pre game move or re deploy
  • Whats your threat ranges
  • Can you ignore look out sir.

Use a Tape Measure – Armed with threat range and movement details measure how far the enemy could get if forward deployed. Sit outside that range if you can but with enough range yourself to get into your own threat range. Its probably about 30” or so without advancing and shooting.


If they have ignore LOS then consider using reserves or teleporta.


It’s a 5 turn game so don’t be in a rush to get into melee


Always keep in mind – How can I score my secondary’s, how can I deny the opponent scoring secondary’s.


Exchange units – Inevitably you will use lose units while taking objectives, its part of the game.


Deploy as if going second – If you front line and lose the roll off you will most likely get shot to bits.



Cover what terrain does what before the game.


Ask about “within” – some people play touching cover is within, other say you have to be on the terrain, others say inside the buildings footprint (outer walls). Get on the same wave length and agree before a match. (also worth going over what you call a cocked die and sticking to it come what may)


That’s my 2 pennies. Hope it helped.

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