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Crusade log - Intervention force Skytha Alpha


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Cpt. Bannockburn

Cpt. Bannockburn


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  • Faction: Dark Angels | Legio Tempestus

Hero that I am, I played against a fully painted army but failed to take pictures, but here's one of the board unsure.png



My opponent played the following list: 

  • Coldstar Commander with Fusion Blades, Digital Weapons, Master-crafted Armor / Master of War plus an artifact which allows him to fall back, shoot and charge again. 
  • Breacher team with 5 Fire Warriors
  • 3 XV8 Crisis Bodyguards (1 Iridium) with 6 Ion Blasters, 2 Fusion Blasters, 6 Gun Drones 
  • Hammerhead Gunship with High Capacitance Railgun (Elite Crew)
  • Agendas: Assassins, Reaper, Breakthrough


I brought exactly what I planned to bring, refer to last post.


My agendas were: Dark Rumour, Know no Fear and Survivor (for my Captain)


Both our deployment zones were full of woods, which would burn if shot at with Plasma, Melta, Flamer or Blast weaponry.

My opponent deployed his Coldstar, Breachers and Hammerhead on the board, Breachers on his center deployment objective, Hammerhead on one of his Alpha objectives. 

My Veterans and Captain started hugging the choke point, being outside the woods and avoiding the -2 movement penalty, Interrogator Chaplain and Knights were kept in reserves, and the two Intercessor combat squads squatted near the building and on the center deployment objective.

I rolled lower and got second turn.


Tau turn 1: His Coldstar moved into the upper floor of the building, the Hammerhead left a drone behind on the objective and moved into firing position, shooting at my center objective intercessors, supported by the Modulated Weaponry strategem and 4 Markerlight counters, giving it twelve shots. One Intercessor died, another took a wound, protected by Transhuman Physiology and their 5+ FNP near objectives.

Dark Angels turn 1: Supported by acts of faith available to us Imperial players as underdogs, I healed the wound on the intercessor and started moving up: Captain and veterans advanced towards the center of the board objective, taking it, and staying in cover respectively). This made my captain untargetable. Very little shooting happened, but my central intercessors managed to take out the Coldstar's two marker drones, gaining them a 3rd kill and an experience point at the end of the game. The other intercessor squad unearthed a knowledge object from a terrain feature which ... worsened both our invulnerable saves for the rest of the game by one. I should not have done that. rolleyesclean.gif


Tau turn 2: His Coldstar stayed put, but the breachers moved a bit forward to inspect some terrain features. Surprisingly, he refrained from dropping his Crisis suits in this turn. The Hammerhead deployed its second drone to try and screen the backfield from deep striking units. In the shooting phase, the Hammerhead tried the same he did last turn, and killed another intercessor. 

At the end of his command phase, my opponent held two of his home objectives gaining him five points. 

Dark Angels turn 2: Captain Duma and his veterans moved in position to attack the breachers and the Interrogator chaplain and Deathwing Knights dropped near the insufficiently screened Hammerhead, and on one of the Alpha objectives. The chaplain shot down one of the deployed drones from the Hammerhead. Charging, both the captain and the vets reached the breachers, wiping them out in the subsequent combat phase, but the Interrogator and Deathwing knights both failed their charges, even supported by Canticle of Hate (via Commanding Oratory) and a command reroll for the DWKs. Four rolls, no nines rolled, very disappointing. 

At the end of my command phase I held two objectives in my deployment zone, as well as another in the board center, which gave me a total of ten VP (Hold two, hold more) and getting me an early lead.


Tau turn 3: His commander declared Mont'ka and advanced across the board, between my two intercessor combat squads. The Hammerhead, boxed in between DWKs and captain + vets moved up towards the center of the board, and the surviving gun drone tried to maneuver into a better firing position, getting between the DWKs and the tank. At the end of the movement phase, the Crisis bodyguard unit and its drones dropped into my backfield, threatening my intercessors as well. The subsequent shooting of Hammerhead, Coldstar, drones and Crisis suits reduced one intercessor squad to two models and the other one to three. The Coldstar and the drones charged into the three intercessors (crisis suits tried and failed) and managed to just wipe them out. 

He still held two objectives in total, gaining him five more victory points for a total of ten.

Dark Angels turn 3: Staying in Tactical doctrine, I began by resurrecting a dead intercessor, giving me three men again, and moving them into position to attack the Coldstar. Denied any possibiity of doing other useful things for the rest of the game, the DWKs and Interrogator chaplain spread out towards the lone drone, which I would use as movement amplifier. The captain and veterans moved back towards my own deployment zone (taking back the board center objective), hopeful but not particularly sure that they'd be able to do something.

In my shooting phase I was very successful shooting at the tank (taking off 6 wounds with two krak grenades and the chaplain's storm bolter), and less so shooting at the Coldstar, causing only one wound, which was saved by a drone.

However, I successfully charged the tank with Duma and the vets, destroying it in close combat. The DWKs successfully charged the gun drone and destroyed it, consolidating onto the center deployment zone objective. The three intercessors died heroically in combat without causing a single wound (despite +1 to hit and wound enemy characters), but I didn't roll a one, so they didn't take a battle scar.

This turn I held an Alpha objective, and two more, gaining me the full fifteen VP (hold two, hold more, hold deployment alpha) for twentyfive total.


Tau turn 4: He moved the coldstar and crisis suits towards my deployment center objective, but since my captain was protected by  bodyguards, he could only shoot at them, causing a single wound. No victory points for him either.

Dark Angels turn 4: This is where I got greedy, and I'd come to rue it at the end of the game. I moved up the captain and veterans towards the next cover container, and ended up in less than 12" away from the Coldstar. My knights spread out taking the center objective and the center deployment objective, while the chaplain took an alpha objective. My shooting was ineffectual, but I did manage an 11" charge to the Coldstar. Unfortunately, all my attacks were eaten by the drones, and one of the bodyguard suits, so it remained unharmed. His return attack caused four wounds, denying me the full survivor bonus. 

Again, I gained fifteen VP, for a total of forty at this point.


Tau turn 5: His Coldstar and Crisis suit fell back towards the board edge to fulfill the Breakthrough agenda, and unleashing everything, he killed my captain. No victory points again.

Dark Angels turn 5: I just kept sitting where I was and took another fifteen VP, totalling fiftyfive. At the end of the game, I earned another twentyfive, and we both got ten points for painted army. As the victor I gained a second Marked for Greatness!


Final result: 90:20 for Dark Angels

Both my chaplain and the knights reached their blooded experience level, and I gave them +1 Movement, Advance and Charge rolls. Had my captain not died (I would have won either way), he would now be heroic. A stupid mistake, but still a win.


You might ask yourselves why he never fired Overwatch, when this is the specialty of the Tau, but the answer is easy: despite not doing a lot, the veterans stayed in cover and made my captain untargetable. Since I charged into melee first with him, that meant no Overwatch, except for the skirmish with the intercessors.

This simple fact made the veterans for their measly fifty points an MVP unit again.

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Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons for you are crunchy and good with ketchup.
"The best way to get the right answer on the Internet, is not to ask a question ... it's to post the wrong answer." - Ward Cunningham

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Adeptus Titanicus - Legio Tempestus painting log
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Cpt. Bannockburn

Cpt. Bannockburn


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  • Location:Somewhere far beyond sanity
  • Faction: Dark Angels | Legio Tempestus

The next week's mission and pairings are decided.

We're going to play 750 points and the mission Flood Tide on Fathom, from the Book of Rust, which scores very strangely, and we're going to be the attackers. 

Among other issues, turn one comes with -1" to charge, advance and movement. 

To score, I have to sabotage flooding pumps via actions, which will in turn, if the opponent performs less actions than me, lead to higher water and additional problems, such as reduced Strength, mortal wounds and other fun stuff. I will make note of these if they happen in the battle.


The pairings are as follows:

  • Monday: Night Lords vs. Tau 1 - Night Lords win
  • Wednesday: Ultramarines vs. AdMech - Ultramarines win
  • Thursday: Space Marines vs. ? - Player left the campaign, unfortunately
  • Saturday: Dark Angels vs. Death Guard (rematch with a very nice opponent!) - Dark Angels win
  • Saturday: Sororitas 1 vs. Necrons - Necrons win
  • Monday: IG vs. GSC - GSC win
  • Saturday: Space Wolves vs. Rebel Sororitas - Space Wolves win
  • Saturday: Sororitas 2 vs. Blood Angels - Postponed

I will probably face the following list:

  • Lord of Contagion with Manreaper / Orb; Leechspore Casket; Rotten Constitution; +1 Toughness
  • 10 Death Guard Cultists who can do actions and shoot
  • 2 Chaos Spawns with Grandfatherly Influence 
  • Defiler with Scourges and TLC
  • 5 Blightlord Terminators
  • Helbrute with MM, Heavy Flamer & Repair Systems

In light of the Death Guard's toughness, I will be bringing something a bit different this time:

  • Captain Duma
  • Ezekiel
  • 10 Intercessors
  • Redemptor Dreadnought
  • Dreadnought with MM, Storm Bolter

My main targets will, of course, be the Defiler and Helbrute, and from there on out I will have to see what we can do. 

Edited by Cpt. Bannockburn, 29 November 2021 - 04:16 PM.

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Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons for you are crunchy and good with ketchup.
"The best way to get the right answer on the Internet, is not to ask a question ... it's to post the wrong answer." - Ward Cunningham

Dark Angels painting log
Adeptus Titanicus - Legio Tempestus painting log
Legio Tempestus finished pictures
my dA-Account (for non-B&C content and other stuff I do)

Cpt. Bannockburn

Cpt. Bannockburn


  • 869 posts
  • Location:Somewhere far beyond sanity
  • Faction: Dark Angels | Legio Tempestus

I faced something a bit different, which was surprising to me.

  • Lord of Contagion
  • 10 Death Guard cultists
  • 5 Plague Marines
  • Defiler
  • Helbrute with MM / heavy flamer
  • Helbrute with Lascannon

Quite a bit more potent in shooting, but not as punchy as the terminators I expected to face.



My opponent couldn't find one of his dreadnoughts, so the killa can is a standin for the multimelta Helbrute smile.png


During deployment, an artifact was used on me that forced me to split my army into three equal parts (as in units), one of which would start on the table, the other would come in as from reserves from my own table side in turns 1 and 2.

That presented a conundrum since I had to bank on both my dreadnoughts and the captain to be on the table for safe destruction of the priority vehicles.

For that reason, I split the intercessors into combat squads (as I would have done anyways) and put them and the boxnaught on the table. 

The second part would be the redemptor and captain, while Ezekiel and the second combat squad would make up the third part. 


My agendas were:

  • Survivor (Duma)
  • Know no Fear
  • Priority Targets

As attacker, I had the top of turn 1.


Turn 1 Dark Angels: The mission had cumulative flood levels and started at 1 - Every unit had -1 to movement, as well as charge and advance rolls. This clearly favored the Death Guard who could, apart from the cultists and defiler, ignore any modifiers. 

After receiving Wisdom of the Ancients, my dreadnought moved forward towards the defiler, while my intercessors staying still. At the end of the phase captain Duma and the Redemptor came in with Duma advancing 2" for a total of 6" of movement. However, all were in range of the auras, and the shooting targets were in range.

The intercessors performed the flood pump action, gaining me 4 VP at the end of the round.

My shooting killed a total of 4 cultists from small arms fire (storm bolters of both dreadnoughts), but more importantly deleted the defiler from existence with the help of Weapons from the Dark Age and overcharged macro plasma, even through a Smoke Screen. After my opponent did the same to me in the last game with my Redemptor, this felt very vindicating. Unfortunately, the cultists passed their morale check.


Turn 1 Death Guard: He moved his Lord towards the center, accompanied by the Lascannon Helbrute, while the cultists tried to move into scant cover (the picture shows the situation after the movement phase, with the defiler back on the field just to show the whole army). The plague marines performed the same action for 4 VP for him, and keeping the flood level at level 1. 

Both helbrutes targeted my Redemptor, and took off a combined 4 wounds, even with Fire Frenzy on the lascannon one.

At the end of the turn, my opponent found some knowledge artifact that gave both sides +2 to morale, making it even less relevant than it usually is, but also making Trephination inferior to Smite


Turn 2 DA: I applied Wisdom of the Ancients to the Redemptor and used Brilliant Strategist to keep it in Devastator Doctrine. Both dreadnoughts moved towards the center in a diagonal holding back a bit behind the pipes, accompanied by the captain. Since he kindly moved his lord into line of my sight of my Headhunters Intercessors, I thought why not use them and moved them to the right to get a bead on him. You probably already spot the problem with that, but I only realized later. Ezekiel advanced in for a total of 9" near the intercessors, while the other combat squad entered the battlefield coming in towards objective 2, only advancing 6". Ezekiel cast Aversion at the lascannon dreadnought and smited (smote?) a mortal wound off the lord of contagion. Yes, I had to look it up, but apparently you can advance and still cast psi powers! Only falling back disables that ability. The center intercessors pumped again, since they were able to perform actions as well as shooting, for another 4 VP for me.

Now I realized I couldn't target the lord because the dreadnought was in 3" range around him, so I plinked away at that one instead, causing no wounds. Shooting at the multimelta dreadnought was more successful, and I successfully destroyed it. The cultists weren't in as much cover as they thought and more got killed, leaving 2 on the table. Again, they passed their morale check.


Turn 2 DG: His lord moved into the center followed by the lascannon dreadnought, which now sought a bit of cover. The plague marines moved out of their cover to target my intercessors, and they as well were able to shoot and perform actions. This enabled him to perform the flood pump action two times, giving him 8 VP this turn and putting him in the lead. He used Fire Frenzy on the remaining helbrute again, and the rerolls allowed two hits despite Aversion active, but only one wounded, causing 4 more wounds on the Redemptor. The plague marines got plague weapons via a stratagem, and added 6" to their range, but their shooting only caused 1 wound in total on my intercessors. 


Turn 3 DA: Wisdom of the Ancients, once more on the Redemptor, because it's just so damn good. Movement squarely placed the second combat squad on objective marker 2, and both dreadnoughts and Ezekiel in charge range of the lord, Ezekiel also being in range of the helbrute. Ezekiel smote 2 mortal wounds off the lord, and cast Mind Worm on the helbrute, just in case. At this point, I was pretty sure I could destroy the helbrute in shooting or the following close combat via Traitor's Bane, but why not play it safe? 

My intercessors on the right side of the board fired 10 shots at the plague marines, with zero results. This time, the redemptor fired its gatling cannon at the plague marines and all the rest at the helbrute, and 3 wounds were caused on them, melting the helbrute in concert with the dreadnought. The remaining 2 cultists, unfortunately, remained out of line of sight.

This made the lord targetable, and I used Rapid Fire on the intercessors, who, surprisingly killed him in a single volley.


Turn 3 DG: At this point my opponent graciously conceded the game, after causing a total of 9 wounds only. He had 4 plague marines and 2 cultists left, while I had not lost a single model of my army.


I earned full points on Priority Target and Survivor, but unfortunately Know no Fear was never triggered on the intercessors. However, it was enough to level up the Redemptor to Battle-hardened rank, and I chose the master-crafted upgrade for the macro plasma incinerator, for more sorely needed anti-tank capabilities. Duma also levelled up to Heroic rank, and I replaced the Brutal master-crafted power sword he had gotten from an earlier win with a Paragon Blade. 

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Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons for you are crunchy and good with ketchup.
"The best way to get the right answer on the Internet, is not to ask a question ... it's to post the wrong answer." - Ward Cunningham

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These are always so fun to read. Keep it up!
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