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Unit of the Week: Neurothrope

Tyranids Unit of the week Tyranids unit of the week Neurothrope Tactica

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We have a new unit of the week! Having already discussed all  codex and Forge World datasheets, we're working our way back throgh some of them. This week it's the Neurothrope. Previously discussed under the same topic as the Zoanthropes, I feel that the Neuro is sufficiently distinct from the Zoans to deserve its' own topic.


What are you thoughts, and how best would you use them?

  • To compliment a list, or to build a list around? Will the beta rules affect your list(s)?
  • What size unit? Will you be running multiple units?
  • What Hive Fleet Traits, Adaptative Physiologies and Stratagems do you prefer and how much does it depend on the above choices?
  • Are you buffing this unit? If so, how?
  • Uses in Matched, Narrative and Open Play

Over to you.


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Xenos XX\




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So as Neuro's are different enough from Zoans to have their own place in lists without Zoans, and as we have a relatively new edition, how are you using your Neuros?


One popular use I see is as a HQ in a Kronos detachment with Symbiostorm, casting it on an exocrine. Symbio gives an extra hit on a 6+, the exo gets +1 to hit if it stays still, so it gets extra hits on a 5+. from 12 shots, you're expecting 4 5+'s, in your 8 hits, so really looking at 12 hits/100% accuracy. Those 12 hits will then likely annihilate whatever they hit. 


Otherwise, the Neuro is my first choice HQ in smaller games where I'm not using my tyrant. It can kick out 2 powers per turn, which are usually smite and catalyst. Resonance barb seems a great choice on this at first for the +! to cast, however the second part of the barb allows you to manifest another power. As the Neuro only has 2 powers, it doesnt have a 3rd for the barb to take effect, so I prefer the barb on tyrants. 


In my crusade campaign I've been running it as Jormungandr, which is pretty much a waste, I see much more benefit as Kraken for super advances, or Leviathan, for the 6+++ on everything without needing catalyst.  


Comments on the Neuro from the previous thread:

I prefer to run mine as Neurothropes for the following reasons:
- They’re durable with a 3++ and character protection.
- They’re cheap synapse beacons.
- Reliably cast powers with re roll 1’s.
- Can cast two psychic powers.
- Heals wounds via smite.
- Point for point more efficient than zoan’s.
- Second cheapest HQ to help fill out detachments.

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Xenos XX\




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I've not got one sorted yet, but my thoughts match the above in that they look like a solid HQ choice that doesn't break the bank. Great for smaller point games, and as support for larger ones. I also noted that if you want the psychic output they are better than Zoanthropes, but you're not likely to be loading up on Neurothropes over it.


I might get to mine next Bug's Life vow now I think about it, I have one of the old metals and for legacy/history reasons decided that he'd be a great Neurothrope letting the new plastics be the Zoans smile.png

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