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Looking to get back into 40k

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I played Sisters back in 6th-7th edition and want to get back into 40k. I have read that Sisters are doing well now (they weren't back when I played) and so would like to give them a run again. With that said, would this be a good force for 9th edition?


Strike Force - 2000

Outrider Detachment

Argent Shroud



Morvenn Vahl - warlord

Celestine and Geminae Superia



x3 Battle Sisters Squad (5)



Celestian Sacrasants (5)

Sisters Repentia (7) - Repentia Superior - Rhino


Fast Attack:

x2 Dominion Squad (6) - 4 artificer-crafted storm bolters

x2 Dominion Squad (6) - 4 ministorum flamers

x2 Seraphim Squad (5) - plasma pistol, 2 w/inferno pistols


Heavy Support:

2x Retributor Squad (6) - 4 ministorum heavy flamers - immolator w/flamers


Morvenn Vahl goes after anything only she can handle. Sacrasants stay nearby for bodyguard.

Celestine and the Seraphim deep strike to get in opponent's backfield

Battle Sisters play mission as they are the only obj sec

Repentia look for a good target to charge. They drive up on turn one, get out and charge turn 2?

The storm bolter Dominions occupy my backfield

The flamer Dominions occupy the midfield

The Retributors look for dire threats, drive up and flame everything


How do the immolators work? Do I drive up, disembark, shoot and then use immolator for cover or can I reembark?


Any comments welcome

Brother Chaplain Tyranus

Brother Chaplain Tyranus


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Hey! Sorry this is a bit late but I figured I would chime in. 


So in my experience, having smaller squads and having them survive is nearly impossible.  There is just so much mass shooting of bolters so everyone is pretty much always wounding on 3s.  If you are just planning on using the sacresants as a buffer for morvenn, then it may work only bringing 5 of them but just be aware, as soon as they are in the open, they will probably get blown up.  Granted the 2 up save makes them awesome for that but a few squads of bolter shots will wipe a squad out eventually.  


I like dominions I'm just not sure I like them that much.  It's nice to have a squad with storm bolters but for the strat, but again, they will fall down quickly.  I have been finding that I need to hide anything I want to survive till turn 3 either behind obscuring terrain (which makes them completely inneffective unless my opponent is playing an aggressive army) or hide them in armor of some kind.  


The Seraphim I find are great if you are needing them for board control and objectives like Retrieve Octarius Data but again, drop a 5 sister seraphim squad within 12 inches of any marine army and they are gone before they even get in.  If they don't shoot them during that phase, then they will have to hide for a full turn at least before they can get any shots off (if you are depending on the inferno pistols).  I run a few squads in my lists for that exact reason but the inferno can't shoot on the turn they drop in as their range is only 6 inches.


Immolators work as the other transports do, so you would have to disembark before the transport moves.  I like the immolators as weapons platforms though too.  Putting 2 extra heavy bolters on one (making 3 in total) is nothing to shake a stick at.  Nor are the immolation flamers.  


Anyway just a couple thoughts.  Hope it helps :)

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