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Banished Brotherhood - Crusade Force

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War of the Eagle

War of the Eagle


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I started a crusade group in my local area about a month ago to help ease old and new players back into 40k. Made it real casual where start with 25pl and nothing has to be painted to start. Im playing Grey knights in the crusade, tho plan to incorporate some black templars and maybe some custodes eventually.

My force is a small band of Grey knights who where tasked with guarding a relic with a greater demon of Khorne traped within. They failed in their mission and have been Banished till they can trap him back in the relic and bring him back. Their armor was discolored by warp flame and they refuse to cleanse it till their mission is complete.

I have 50PL built but this is the first squad fully painted.



Will update as i get more painted. Also have some naritive battle reports from the last month of games, but my writing is pour.
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Chaplain Killmer

Chaplain Killmer


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Hello War of the Eagle,


I really like your squad a lit , the only critique that I have is the colour difference in the glow of the psi weapons. It will help the psi staff guy as well to have some glow. Maybe think if the bands on the cloth part are painted differently to pop a bit more. But all in all very good job with your guys.

Chaplain Killmer
4th Company - 1st Legion
Veteran bearing the cold
Crux Dominor




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Great start War of the Eagle! Can’t wait to see more

War of the Eagle

War of the Eagle


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Thanks guys. I hope to update often.

Army: Grey Knights
Warband name: Banished Brotherhood
Leader: Acting grandmaster - Ezekiel Hamsaw
Current PL: 55
Wins (4) losses (1) Ties (0)
HQ: Strike Cruiser ~ Fate Breaker
Current location ~ In orbit over planet [Redacted]
Main mission: Retrieve the 'Sword of Babylon'and Seal Greater Bloodthirster "Ann'greeifen" within it.
Secondary mission: Investigate Rumors of Demon incursions.

4PL - Brother Champion - Aruther Galanos
Exp 11 - kills 5
Battle honor - (cast 1 additional power) (know one extra power)

10PL - Grandmaster in Dreadknight - Ezekiel Hamsaw
Exp 1 - kills 2
Crusade Relic (Artificer armor)

6PL - Strike squad - Dulahan
Exp 10 - Kills 2
Battle honor (Grizzled)
Battle scar (Shell shocked)

6PL - Strike Squad - Galihad
Exp 4 - kills 1

(Fast attack)
7PL - Interceptor Squad - Hermes
Exp 14 - Kills 4
Traits (Fleet of foot) (Heirloom Demonhammer)

8PL - Venerable Dreadnought - Brother Ancient Chulainn
Exp 8 - kills 3
Battle Scar (Angered machine spirt)
Battle Trait (Enhanced engions)

13PL - Paladin Squad - Thor
Exp 8 - kills 2
Battle honor (Dominion blades)
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War of the Eagle

War of the Eagle


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--Aruther Galanos was one of the brotherhood in the Mausoleum built around the 'Sword of Babylon' which was embedded in the skull of Ann'greeifen. As long as the sword pierces the body of a demon, it seals their soul within it, making them unable to regenerate or return to the warp.

--7 years ago an Oder Malius Inquisitor came to the Mausoleum for a supposed inspection, but as soon as he and his retune got within sight of the guards they felt the warp taint upon him. Before the guards could raise the alarm, an orbital bombardment from the Inquisitors ship in orbit above impacted the Mausoleum. While the structure was still standing, most of the defences where battered and destroyed and over half the defenders lay dead. The fallen Inquisitor and his minions fought their way trough to the sword, and while his servants sold their lives holding the Knights at bey he wretched the Sword from the skull. The Inquisitor exploded and the skull was engulfed in a vortex of blood, reforming into the body of Ann'greeifen. Brother Captain Isaac Rendail charged the Greater demon of Khorne to distract him while another brother could procure the sword and they might still seal this demon away once again. Alas before Aruther could get to the sword, Isaac was bludgeoned into a bloody smear by the Bloodthirsters rage. The demon picked up the sword, despite the damage its holy aura was dealing to his hand and stepped into a warp rift he tore into reality. "As he vanished, his final words echoed trough Aruthers and all the remaining Knights heads "If you wish to face me again, it will be easy to find me fore I will be once again washing this galaxy in blood"

--From that day Aruther swore to slay Ann'greeifen once again. He took up the mantle of Brother Champion and the relic blade of the forsworn, setting forth with the remainin of the Mausoleum defenders in search of any sign of the demon. Their search after many years has finally brought them to the Octarius sector, the blood bath happening here mey very well have attracted the Greater demon if their sources where correct.


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War of the Eagle

War of the Eagle


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Brotherhoods being joined by a contingent of Templar.

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War of the Eagle

War of the Eagle


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Idk what even channel best represents my force now that its mixed. But I still have plenty of grey knights to paint.
But for now another Black templar squad.


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