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Accounts deleted or banned

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Wolf Guard Einar

Wolf Guard Einar


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I am trying to either get my account deleted or banned but have little luck doing this.


I have requested it be banned for my own mental health, I do not want a way back with a password change I want it gone and all temptation to return gone...


I tried one admins suggestion months ago to take a break which I did, coming back has made my mental health worse again. (Infact I wish i still had that conversation as it clear to me moreso now I was never took seriously.)


So I want the ability to either ban or delete my account.


I feel my request is reasonable, putting band-aid on a bullet wound does not stop the bleeding...








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A ban is a particular action invoked as a consequence for actions taken, it can not be invoked for any other reason. You may not care for our processes and standards but we do, things must be done appropriately and consistently.


Nothing you were told before has changed, and this has been reiterated to you again, so your claim that you were not taken seriously is bizarre and disrespectful. You could take this matter into your own hands to ensure you could never return by yourself; changing your email address and password would do this if logging out and never returning is too difficult.

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