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Aeldari Wraiths

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I am putting bones on all of my bases and converting my eldar to rise from them in wisps because I want to do something different. I'm therefore making one of my detachments Ynnari for the whole "death" motif. I think Harlequins will add to the flavor with their flickering in and out and I've always wanted to paint some, so I've also added them.


Please let me know if this is an effective army.


2000 pt


Realspace Raid 0 CP

Alliance of Agony

x1 Prize of the Dark City

Cult of Strife: The Spectacle of Murder, Kabal of the Black Heart: Thirst for Power, Prephets of Flesh: Connoisseur of Pain


Patrol -2 CP

Masque Form: Ynnari


Raider - Kabal, Darklance, Splinter Racks

Archon - Warlord, Labyrinthine Cunning, Helm of Spite, Raid Mastermind, Power Sword, Blaster, Splintered Genius

Death Jester - Humbling Cruelty, The Lost Shroud

x9 Kabalite Trueborn, Blaster, Blaster


Raider - Darklance

Haemonculus - Alchemical Maestro, Master Regenerist

x10 Haemoxytes, Liquifier Gun, Liquifier Gun


Raider - Darklance, Grisly Trophies, Chain Snares

Succubus - Adrenalight, Dark Lotus Toxin, Razorflails, Show Stealer

x10 Hekatrix Bloodbrides - Grave Lotus, Shardnet and Impaler


Raider - Darklance, Grisly Trophies

Yvraine - Word of the Phoenix, Unbind Souls

x5 Incubi

x5 Harlequin Troupe - 5 Fusion Guns


Raider - Darklance, Grisly Trophies

x5 Incubi

x5 Harlequin Troupe - 5 Fusion Guns


Raider - Darklance, Grisly Trophies

x5 Incubi

x5 Harlequin Troupe - 5 Fusion Guns


x5 Mandrakes


Mandrakes set up in midfield to stop deep strike. Raiders in my deployment zone. Trueblood Raider stays in midfield and shoots with splinter rifles. Other 5 raiders rush forward. Incubi, Bloodbrides and Haemoxytes charge. The 2 now empty raiders pull back to shoot darklances, the 3 raiders with harlequins stay close and kill vehicles/monsters with their fusion guns. They can charge out of the raiders if they need to later.


Is it at all effective?


Thanks for reading.




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I could be wrong but I don't think that the Ynnari can ride in the Raiders because only the Harlequin detachment has the Ynnari Keyword. The Realspace Raid detachment can't by Ynnari because it does not have an Ynnari Character leading it. Indeed it cannot have one since you only have 2-3 HQ slots in a Battalion and they have to be 1 Archon, 1 Succubus and 1 Haemunculus.


Maybe trim off a Raider and unit of Incubi to buy some Star Weavers for the Harlequins.

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Sanguinius stood up, stretching his wings to their full extent. He flexed his hands. "I need no blade".
It was as though Sanguinius gleamed with pale light, his face white, eyes becoming blood-red, surrounded by the golden crown of flowing hair. Guilliman had witnessed glimpses of of his brother's wrath before, but had never seen the true Blood Angel unleashed. Sanguinius surged forward on alabaster wings, half a meter from the floor, whiteness streaming from him like flames.

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